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Titles by J Edwin Orr

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Title Stock Price
Title Stock Price
100 Questions about God1$5.00
100 Questions about God- AP2$6.00–$7.00
Can God1$6.00
Evangelical Awakenings in Eastern Asia1$20.00
Evangelical Awakenings in Eastern Asia - MS1$15.00
Faith That Makes Sense2$6.00
Good News in Bad Times1$20.00
If Ye Abide- MS1$8.00
The Fervent Prayer - The worldwide impact of the Great Awakening of 18581$35.00
The Promise is to You1$7.00
The Second Evangelical Awakening in Britain1$15.00
Times of Refreshing (MS)2$9.00
Times of Refreshing - 10,000 Miles of miracle through Canada2$7.00–$8.00