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Title Stock Price
An Uncompromising Life - A Study of Daniel 1 , 6 , 9 1-19 - cassette set1$6.00
Drawing Near - Daily Readings for a Deeper Faith2$9.00–$10.00
Jesus Pattern of Prayer1$9.00
Mastering Materialism - Matthew 6:19-341$5.00
Paul on Trial Acts 24-261$5.00
The Book of Ephesians - A verse by verse exposition of the Word of God - cassette set1$20.00
The Courage of Commitment1$5.00
The Dynamic Church1$5.00
The Family - John MacArthur on the Christian home1$4.00
The Love of God (MacArthur)3$8.00–$9.00
The Silent Shepherd1$8.00