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Title Stock Price
Apostles and Prophets the Foundations of the Church1$7.00
Changing Church1$11.00
Changing Church - How god is leading his church into the future2$7.00
Church Growth and the Whole Gospel1$7.00
Churchquake - How the New Apostolic Reformation is Shaking up the Church as we know it4$8.00–$9.00
Confronting the Powers1$8.00
Defeat of the Bird God - Bill Pencille - Bolivia1$9.00
Effective Body Building1$7.00
Effective Body Building- P1$7.00
Hard Core Idolatry - Facing the Facts2$4.00–$6.00
Hardcore Idolatry1$5.00
How to have a Healing Ministry2$8.00–$9.00
Leading Your Church to Growth1$7.00
Lighting the World - A New Look at Acts1$8.00
On the Crest of the Wave2$6.00
On the Crest of the Wave- MS2$7.00
Our Corinthian Contemporaries1$5.00
Prayer Shield - how to intercede for pastors Christian leaders and others on the spiritual frontlines3$6.00–$7.00
Radical holiness for Radical Living3$4.00
Spiritual Power and Church Growth1$4.00
Spreading the Fire - Book 1 Acts 1-8 The Acts of the Holy Spirit Series1$6.00
Stop the World I Want to Get On1$7.00
Strategies for Church Growth3$7.00–$9.00
The Condor of the Jungle - Missionary pilot of the Andes1$7.00
The Healthy Church2$8.00
The New Apostolic Churches- P1$7.00
The Queens Domain1$8.00
The Rising Revival- EV1$9.00
The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit1$6.00
Wrestling With Dark Angels1$5.00
Your Spiritual Gifts - Can Help Your Church Grow2$6.00–$8.00
Your Spiritual Gifts can help your Church Grow - Study Guide1$7.00