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Titles by Josh and John Gilchrist McDowell

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Title Stock Price
Answers to Tough Questions Skeptics Ask About the Christian Faith2$7.00
Building Your Self-Image1$7.00
Dont Check Your Brains At The Door1$6.00
Evidence for Joy1$7.00
Evidence that Demands a Verdict2$7.00–$8.00
Friend of the Lonely Heart1$7.00
Givers Takers and Other Kinds of Lovers1$6.00
His Image My Image- CG1$7.00
The Disconnected Generation - Saving Our Youth from Self Destruction1$7.00
Understanding Secular Religions2$6.00–$7.00
Understanding the Cults3$7.00–$8.00
What I Wish My Parents Knew About My Sexuality1$7.00
Why Say No to Sex2$5.00