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Title Stock Price
At The End of Time1$3.00
Atonement - Your Appointment with God1$7.00
Blessing Or Curse You Can Choose2$7.00–$9.00
Burial By Baptism4$3.00
Christs Last Order1$4.00
Complete Salvation & How to Receive It2$4.00
Divine Exchange1$3.00
Does Your Tongue Need Healing1$4.00
Eternal Judgement - Book VII of the Foundation series3$3.00
Faith to Live By2$6.00
Fasting (Prince)2$3.00–$4.00
Fasting Successfully1$5.00
Foundation for Faith - Book 1 The Foundation Series3$3.00
Foundation Series Vol 31$6.00
From Jordan to Pentecost - Book III of the Foundation Series4$3.00
Gods Medicine Bottle1$3.00
Gods Plan for Your Money9$4.00
How to Fast Successfully2$4.00
How to Pass from Curse to Blessing2$3.00
If You Want Gods Best4$4.00
Israel in the Headlines1$3.00
Life Changing Spiritual Power - Strengthen Your Faith and Change Your Life2$9.00–$10.00
Lucifer Exposed - The Devils Plan to Destroy Your Life1$8.00
Objective For Living - To Do Gods Will1$4.00
Pages From My Lifes Book2$3.00–$4.00
Partners for Life (Prince)1$4.00
Purposes of Pentecost3$3.00
Repent and Believe2$3.00
Resurrection of the Dead3$3.00
Rules of Engagement - preparing for your role in the spiritual battle1$9.00
Set Apart for God - The beautiful secret of holiness1$8.00
Shaping History Through Prayer & Fasting2$5.00
Spiritual Warfare (Prince)1$5.00
Surviving the Last Days - Can You face the end of the age without fear1$3.00
Testing - the purpose of testing and how to respond1$3.00
Thanksgiving Praise and Worship1$5.00
The Divine Exchange1$2.00
The Grace of Yielding6$3.00–$4.00
The Harvest Just Ahead1$3.00
The Holy Spirit in You2$4.00
The Last Word on the Middle East2$6.00
The Promise of Provision1$7.00
They Shall Expel Demons1$8.00
Who Cares for Orphans Widows the Poor and Oppressed - God Does Do We3$3.00
You Matter to God2$8.00