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Title Stock Price
Aspects of Authority1$3.00
Beyond the Battle for the Bible6$8.00–$10.00
Christianity the True Humanism1$7.00
Christianity: the True Humanism- PH1$5.00
Evangelism & The Sovereignity of God1$8.00
Evangelism and the Sovereignity of God1$5.00
For Mans Sake5$3.00–$5.00
Freedom Authority and Scripture3$4.00–$6.00
Fundamentalism and the Word of God6$5.00–$6.00
God Has Spoken5$4.00–$6.00
Gods Words - The Lord Sin Grace Faith Holiness Fellowship Death, Studies of key Bible themes1$5.00
Gods Words Studies of Key Bible themes1$6.00
Hot Tub Religion - Christian Living in the Material World3$8.00–$9.00
Laid Back Religion1$7.00
Study Guide Knowing God3$3.00–$4.00
The Bible Almanac -A comprehensive handbook of the people of the Bible and how they lived1$20.00
The Thirty Nine Articles1$3.00
Through the Year With J I Packer1$8.00