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Author Titles
L, C J2
Laaser, Dr Mark1
Lace, A F1
Lace, O Jessie2
Lacey, Harry3
Lacey, Janet1
Lacey, Rev T A3
Lacordaire, 1
Lacy, Al3
Lacy, Al & JoAnna2
Ladbrook, C M1
Ladd, George Eldon2
Ladd, Karol2
Lads, The1
Lafferty, Karen1
Laffin, John1
Laffoon, Jim3
Lafortune, Claude1
Lageer, Eileen1
Lagerborg, Mary Beth3
Lagerkvist, Par1
Lagrange, Abbe F1
LaHaye, Beverly8
LaHaye, Tim37
LaHaye, Tim & Beverly4
LaHaye, Tim & BobDemoss1
LaHaye, Tim & Jerry B Jenkins33
LaHaye, Tim and Bev3
LaHaye & B Phillips, Tim2
LaHaye & David Noebel, Tim1
Lai, Patrick1
Laidlaw, John1
Laidlaw, R A3
Laing, Allan M1
Laird, Dr John2
Laird, John M2
Lake, Alexander3
Lake, Edna1
Lake, K2
Lalive d'Epinay, Christian1