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Author Titles
Y-One, 3
Yaconelli, Mike6
Yadin, Yigael1
Yagan, Murat1
Yager, Birdie1
Yakos, Marvin1
Yale, Elsie Duncan1
Yallop, David1
Yamamori, Tetsunao1
Yamauchi, Edwin2
Yancey, Philip19
Yandell, Keith E1
Yandian, Bob15
Yankoski, Mike2
Yantis, David2
Yapp, Mrs1
Yarrell, Peter1
Yates, Cynthia1
Yates, G Gilbert1
Yates, Joanne Cash2
Yates, John & Susan1
Yates, Pat2
Yates, Susan Alexander1
Yaxley, Trevor6
Yee, Kong Duen2
Yeo, Anthony2
Yeoman, Allan2
Yeoman, Natalie Yule2
Yerbury, Ray W1
Yerby, R B1
Yockey, Ross1
Yocum, Bruce1
Yoder, Keith E1
Yoder, Sanford Calvin1
Yohannan, K P17
Yohe, Renee1
Yohn, Rick11
Yolland, H1
Yonge, Charlotte Monge2
Yonggicho, Paul1