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Title Author Price
An Introduction to the Old Testament ( Wright )Wright , H H$7
Still Waters - AWright, J C$7
Round About JerusalemWright, Rev J E$18
Illustrated Bible Treasury and combined ConcordanceWright, William$10
The Illustrated Bible TreasuryWright, William$15
The Principal Heresies Relating to Our Lords Incarnation - A TreatiseWyatt, H H$10
Gods Whispers - A Series of Nature StudiesWylie, W S Herbert$6
Old Testament ShadowsYapp, Mrs$7
John Coleridge PattesonYonge, Charlotte Monge$20
Messages for Home and LifeYoung, Dinsdale T$15
By Canoe and dog Train among the Cree and Salteaux IndiansYoung, Egerton R$12