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Title Author Price
The Believers Treasury Volume 4 - 1889Plymouth Brethren, $10–$15
The Witness - volume 19 , 1889Caldwell, John R$10
The Hopes of the Gospel - APierson, Arthur T$6–$8
Assembly Writers Library (Ritchie)Ritchie, John$15
Assembly Writers Library (Stuart) Volume VStuart, C E$15
Assembly Writers Library (Stuart) Volume VIStuart, C E$15
Assembly Writers Library (Newberry)Newberry, Thomas$15
Assembly Writers Library (McClure) Vol IVMcClure, W J$15
Assembly Writers Library (Caldwell) Vol VIIICaldwell, John R$15
Assembly Writers Library (Caldwell) Vol IXCaldwell, John R$15
Assembly Writers Library (Anderson) Vol XAnderson, Robert$15
Assembly Writers Library (Lincoln) Vol IILincoln, William$15
Assembly Writers Library (Lincoln) Vol IIILincoln, William$15
The Miracles of Jesus as Marks of the Way of LifeLang, Cosmo Gordon$8
Thoughts on Some of the Parables of JesusLang, Cosmo Gordon$8
Back To Methuselah - A Metabiological PentateuchShaw, Bernard$7
The homilies of S. John Chrysostom on Timothy titus and PhilemonS. John Chrysostom, $10
Sermons on the New Testament - Volume 1Augustine, ST.$10
Homilies on the gospel according to St John - 2 volume setAugustine, ST.$15
Saint Pauls Epistle to the GalatiansLightfoot, J B$10
The Epistles of St John (Westcott) - AWestcott, Brooke Foss$9
The Scottish Psalmody - Instrumental EditionThomas Nelson, $8
The Evangelists - Being meditations upon the four gospelsBellett, J G$8
Characters and Scenes from Hebrew StoryLee, Hetty$7
The Pilgrim Psalms - an exposition of The Song of DegreesCox, Samuel$15
The Holy Bible with Notes by Wordsworth - Kings - EstherWordsworth, Chr$10
Valleys and springs Addresses by C C E - 1931C C E, $6
The Bible in Art - 2 volume setSparrow, W Shaw$20
Makers of the Scottish ChurchBeveridge, Rev W$7
Annals of the Disruption 1843Brown, Rev Thomas$12
Confirmation in the Apostolic AgeChase, Frederic Henry$8
The Gospel of the Resurrection - AWestcott, Brooke Foss$8
Mary Slessor of Calabar -ALivingstone, W P$8
Missionary Explorers - True Stories...Ibbotson, R M A$8
Adoniram Judson GordonGordon, Ernest B$9
What I Believe ( Tolstoy )Tolstoy, Leo$9
The Round of the clock - The story of our lives from year to yearNicoll, W Robertson.$7
The Story of Mary Jones and Her BibleBritish, and Foreign Bible Society$6–$9
Stanley in Tropical AfricaSmith , Ronald$8
The Holy Spirit in the Ancient church - a study of Christian teaching in the age of the FathersSwete, Henry Barclay$9–$12