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Title Author Price
To Know the UnknownCarswell, Roger$7
Chasing the Wind - answers for lifes questionsCassidy, Michael$9
We Shall Judge Angels - Understanding the mysteries of creation and eternityChadwick, Harold J$9
Christianity in Trial - Book OneChapman, Colin$8
Christianity on Trial (Chapman)Chapman, Colin$5–$12
Christianity on Trial - Book 2Chapman, Colin$5–$8
Christianity on Trial - Book 3 Questions about JesusChapman, Colin$5
Christians on Trial - 3 VolumesChapman, Colin$8
The Case for ChristianityChapman, Colin$10–$12
The Miraculous Mathematician (Cheetham)Cheetham, Mel$6–$7
The Controversy - Roots of the Creation-Evolution ConflictChittick, Ronald E$9
The Puzzle of Ancient ManChittick, Ronald E$9
What on Earth is God Doing - Making sense of our troubled worldClark , Rob$3
The Universe Plan or AccidentClark, Robert E D$8
Apologetics in the New Age A Christian Critique of PantheismClark & N L Geisler, D K$8
Is It Worth Believing: The Spiritual Challenge of the Da Vinci CodeClarke, Greg$7
Truth Triumphant - studies on science and the BibleCoder, S Maxwell & George F Howe$5
Hard QuestionsColquhoun, Frank$7
This is ChristianityCotterell, Peter$6
Changing Beliefs and An Enduring FaithCox, James L$7
Christianity Rightly So CalledCraig, S G$8–$9
Science and Creation (Creation Science Research Center)Creation Science Research Center, $6
Did Man Just HappenCriswell, W A$6
In Defense of the FaithCriswell, W A$5
The Worlds of Science and ReligionCupitt, Don$7
Evolution and Christian FaithDavidheiser, Bolton$13
To Be As God (Davidheiser)Davidheiser, Bolton$4
The Mind of God - Science and the Search for Ultimate MeaningDavies, Paul$9
Freeing the Faith - A Credible Christianity for TodayDawes, Hugh$9
The Bible Confirmed by ScienceDawson, W Bell$10
Christianity & Evolutionde Chardin, Pierre Teilhard$7
More About Gods Wonderful WorldDe Jonge, Joanne E$6
Evolution and the Authority of the Biblede S. Cameron, Nigel M$8–$12
How Can We BelieveDean, Robert J, JB Fowler and James B Taulman$6
Evidence For Creation - Intelligent answers for Open MindsDeRosa, Tom$7
Does God CareDewar, Lindsay$6
Answering the Tough OnesDeWitt, David A$6
Beyond the Basics - answering questions Christians askDeWitt, David A$6
Science & the Bible (DeYoung)DeYoung, Donald B$8
Science & the Bible - Vol 2 (DeYoung)DeYoung, Donald B$8