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Title Author Price
The Oldest Science Book in the WorldTaylor, Charles V$9
In The Minds of Men - Darwin and the New World OrderTaylor, Ian T$13
Introducing Apologetics - Cultivating Christian CommitmentTaylor , James E$20
How the World Began- APThielicke, Helmut$8–$9
The History of Evolutionary ThoughtThompson, Bert$7
How to Think About EvolutionThurman, L Duane$7
The God of ScienceTrinklein, Frederick E$8
The Shaping of Rationality - toward Interdisciplinarity in Theology and ScienceVan Huyssteen, J Wentzel$12
The Divine LiturgyVaporis, N Michael$10
And If Its TrueVardy, Peter$9
The Puzzle of Evil (Vardy)Vardy, Peter$9
The God Diagnosis - A physicians shocking journey to life after deathViehman, Greg E$9
Is it RealVigeveno, H S$5
My God is Real- APWatson, David$5
Myths & Miracles - Genesis 1-11Watson, David C C$8
The Great Brain RobberyWatson, David C C$5
The Goodness of God (Wenham)Wenham, John W$6–$7
The World that PerishedWhitcomb, John C$7–$8
What About OriginsWhite, A J Monty$7
One Human Family - The Bible Science Race & cultureWieland, Carl$15
Stones and Bones - Powerful evidence against evolutionWieland, Carl$3
The Genesis ConnectionWiester, John$9
Mans Origins Mans DestinyWilder-Smith, A E$9
The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of EvolutionWilder-Smith, A E$7
God the Big Bang and Stephen Hawking - An Exploration into OriginsWilkinson, David$7–$9
God Time & Stephen HawkingWilkinson, David$10
God and ScienceWilkinson & R Frost, D$6
The Da Vinci Code - From Dan Browns fiction to Mary Magdalenes faithWilliams , Garry$4
Faith Facts History Science and How They Fit TogetherWilliams, Rheinallt Nantlais$8
A Search for the Christian GodWillis, A H$12
Gods in Chariots and Other FantasiesWilson, Clifford$5–$7
Monkeys Will Never Talk or Will TheyWilson, Clifford$7
Letter from a Christian CitizenWilson, Douglas$7
Jesus Was no Wicked Priest - Wisdom From the Dead Sea ScrollsWilson & M Adamthwaite, C$8
The Story of God - the world of science and religionWinston, Robert$8
Truth in the Son (Winter)Winter, David$7
Truth in the Son - APWinter, David$5–$6
Truth in the SonWinter, David and Bernard Bangley$6
Creation Revealed in Six Days - The Evidence of Scripture Confirmed by ArchaeologyWiseman, P J$20
Ages of CreationWiyepe, Roger Rali$18