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Title Author Price
Flaws in the Theory of EvolutionShute, Evan$12
The Big QuestionsGarner, Rod$8
Creation ScienceRosevear, David$8
In the Beginning (Price)Price, Roger D G$7
Man: Ape or Image - The Christians DilemmaRendle-Short, John$8
Myself and Other ProblemsSmyth, J Paterson$6
My God is Real- APWatson, David$5
Countdwon to Encounter: Von Braun and the AstronautsScott, John M$7
Christians and SociologyLyon, David$4
The History of Evolutionary ThoughtThompson, Bert$7
How Can We BelieveDean, Robert J, JB Fowler and James B Taulman$6
Hard QuestionsColquhoun, Frank$7
Why We Believe in Creation Not EvolutionMeldau, Fred John$8
Is it RealVigeveno, H S$5
The Way It WasSegraves, Kelly L$4
Assembly DistinctivesMackay, H G$5
The Twilight of EvolutionMorris, Dr Henry$7
Evolution and Christian FaithDavidheiser, Bolton$13
Truth in the SonWinter, David and Bernard Bangley$6
Science and Theology in ActionBloore, Chris$9
Logic and FaithStuermann, Walter E$5
The Outer Limits of LifeMedina, John$8
The World: Its Creation and ConsummationHeim, Karl$7
The Wonders of CreationRehwinkel, Alfred M$8
Panorama of CreationBaugh, Carl E$5
Christ and the CosmosAndrews, E H$7
Christian Apologetics (Richardson)Richardson, Alan$5
Strange Intelligence and Men as Trees Walking - the Gospel of MarkGreen, Michael and Alister McGrath$7
Why Bother with Jesus- APGreen, Michael and Alister McGrath$4
Questions of FaithGallagher, Michael Paul$6
This is ChristianityCotterell, Peter$6
One World One Way- APBenton, John$7