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Title Author Price
Rebuilding the Matrix - Science and Faith in the 21st CenturyAlexander, Denis$25
A Field Guide to ChristianityAllan, John$7
Christ and the CosmosAndrews, E H$7
The Facts on UFOs and Other Supernatural Phenomena - Answers to the Most Asked QuestionsAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
Does God Exist ? a Believer and an Atheist DebateAnthony Flew, Terry Miethe &$9
Natural Science and the Spiritual Life - APBaillie, John$6
The Faith of a ChristianBaker, John Austin$8–$9
God in the Lab - How science enhances faithBancewicz, Ruth M$9
The Facts of the Matter - What Christians BelieveBarclay, Ian$4
Challenge to DarwiniansBarclay, Vera$15
Answers to the 4 Big QuestionsBatten, Don$3–$4
15 Reasons to Take Genesis as HistoryBatten & J Sarfati, D$3–$4
Panorama of CreationBaugh, Carl E$5
I Believe because : A Study of the Evidence Supporting Christian FaithBaxter, Batsell Barrett$9
What Think Ye of ChristBeasley, W J$6
Is Christianity TrueBenton, John$6
Looking for the AnswerBenton, John$4–$5
One World One Way- APBenton, John$7
The Six Ways of AtheismBerg, Geoffrey$8
The Great Divide - Christianity or EvolutionBerghoef, Gerard and Lester DeKoster$9
Real Science Real Faith - 16 leading British scientists discuss their science and their personal faithBerry, R J$7
Bible Answers to Lifes Big Questions - Conversations about faith in plain languageBickel & S Jantz, B$8
Unnatural Enemies: An Introduction to Science and ChristianityBirkett, Kirsten$7
Evolution the Great Debate - the discoveries the science the story of the great debateBlackmore, Vernon & Andrew Page$7
God and Man (Bloom)Bloom, Anthony$8–$9
Science and Theology in ActionBloore, Chris$9
Faith Has Its Reasons - an Integrative Approach to Defending Christianity Boa, Kenneth$18
God I Dont UnderstandBoa, Kenneth$7
Creation and Double Chaos -Science and theology in discussionBonting, Sjoerd L$12
Six Dangerous Questions to transform your view of the worldBorthwick, Paul$8
Guide To Knowing God - the essentials of your FaithBrant, Jonathan$5
The Explorers Guide to ChristianityBraybrooke, Marcus$7
Reconstructing Nature - the Engagement of Science and ReligionBrooke & Cantor, John & Geoffrey$15
History & Faith - a personal exploration (Brown)Brown, Colin$6–$8
What Do we BelieveBryant, H E$9
The Bible the Quran and ScienceBucaille, Maurice$6
Ten Good Reasons Why Benjamin Buchanan Belives in GodBuchan, Graeme$7
The Beginning of Knowledge - Christ as Truth in ApologeticsBuss, Scott Alan$8
The Great God RobberyCarey, George$7
To Know the UnknownCarswell, Roger$7