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Title Author Price
Does God Exist ? a Believer and an Atheist DebateAnthony Flew, Terry Miethe &$9
Questions - I have always wanted to ask (AP)Gitt, Werner$7
The Future of the Christian Tradition - The Jesus SeminarMiller - Editor, Robert J$9
The Challenge of EasterWright, N T$3
The Answers Book - answers to the 12 most asked questions on Genesis and Creation EvolutionHam, Ken & Andrew Snelling & Carl Wieland$7–$10
The Reason For God - Belief in an Age of SkepticismKeller, Timothy$9
The New Civic Religion - A Christian Study Guide to humanismSookhdeo, Patrick$10
Darwin on TrialJohnson, Phillip E$6–$8
God in the Lab - How science enhances faithBancewicz, Ruth M$9
Defeating Darwinism by Opening MindsJohnson, Phillip E$7–$8
The Devils Delusion - Atheism and its scientific pretensionsBerlinski, David$8
The Beginning of Knowledge - Christ as Truth in ApologeticsBuss, Scott Alan$8
The Genesis SolutionHam, Ken & Paul Taylor$6–$7
Christianity Rightly So CalledCraig, S G$8–$9
More Evidence That Demands a Verdict - historical evidence for the Christian scriptures - Vol 2McDowell, Josh$8–$9
Darwins Enigma - Fossils and other problemsSunderland, Luther D$7
Evidence That Demands a Verdict - revised editionMcDowell, Josh$8
A christian Handbook for Defending the FaithMorey, Robert A$4
Letter from a Christian CitizenWilson, Douglas$6–$7
Is Anyone There (Watson)Watson, David$5
Dont All Religions Lead To GodPoole, Garry$5
In Defense of the FaithCriswell, W A$5
The Da Vinci Code - From Dan Browns fiction to Mary Magdalenes faithWilliams , Garry$4–$5
The Da Vinci Code - Fact or FictionHanegraff, Hank & Paul L Maier$4–$6
Cracking Da Vincis Code - APGarlow, James L & Peter Jones$5–$9
Starlight and Time - solving the puzzle of distant starlight in a young universeHumphreys, Russell$5–$7
Why I BelieveKennedy, D James$7–$8
A Symposium on CreationMorris, Henry M$6
The Case for ChristianityChapman, Colin$10–$12
God at Ground Zero - a Scientists discovery of Christ the CreatorSewell, Curt$8–$10
Reasons Skeptics Should Consider Christianity - APMcDowell, Josh & Don Stewart$7
The Signature of God - astonishing Bible Codes - APJeffrey, Grant R$7–$8
Christianity & Evolutionde Chardin, Pierre Teilhard$7
The Swedist Atheist The Scuba Diver and other apologetic Rabbit TrailsRauser, Randal$9
What If Jesus Had Never Been Born - APKennedy, D James$7–$8
Science and CreationismMontagu - Editor, Ashley$7
The Creation controversy - Science or Scripture in the SchoolsNelkin, Dorothy$7
The Troubled Waters of EvolutionMorris, Henry M$7
More Than A Carpenter - APMcDowell, Josh$5
Evolution and the High School StudentTaylor, Kenneth N$6