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Title Author Price
The Da Vinci Myth versus the Gospel TruthKennedy, D James$6
Fools Talk - Recovering the Art of Christian PersuasionGuinness, Os$10
The 10 Most Common Objections to ChristianityMcFarland, Alex$8
Jesus and the Religions of ManMarshall, David$9
Why I BelieveKennedy, D James$8
Skeptics answeredKennedy, D James$8
What If Jesus Had Never Been Born - APKennedy, D James$8
The Gates of Hell Shall Not PrevailKennedy, D James & J Newcombe$8
The Best of Josh McDowell - A Ready DefenseMcDowell, Josh$9
The Seal of God in Creation and the Word - An unanswerable Challenge to an Unbelieving WorldPayne, F.C.$6
If Animals could TalkGitt, Werner and Karl-Heinz VanHeiden$6–$8
Creation Evangelism for the New MillenniumHam, Ken$8
More Evidence That Demands a Verdict - historical evidence for the Christian scripturesMcDowell, Josh$8
Evidence That Demands a Verdict Historical Evidences for the Christian FaithMcDowell, Josh$6–$8
Seal of GodPayne, F.C.$7
Christianity and the Nature of Science - A philosophical InvestigationMoreland, J P$9
In The Minds of Men - Darwin and the New World OrderTaylor, Ian T$13
One Human Family - The Bible Science Race & cultureWieland, Carl$15
The World that PerishedWhitcomb, John C$7–$8
Evolution A Theory in CrisisDenton, Michael$9
Biblical CreationismMorris, Henry$10
Darwin on TrialJohnson, Phillip E$6–$8
More Evidence That Demands a Verdict - historical evidence for the Christian scriptures - Vol 2McDowell, Josh$9
21 great Scientists who believed the BibleLamont, Ann$9
Defeating Darwinism by Opening MindsJohnson, Phillip E$7–$8
What is Creation ScienceMorris, Henry M$9
Its a Young World After AllAckerman, Paul D$7
Starlight and Time - solving the puzzle of distant starlight in a young universeHumphreys, Russell$5
Claws Jaws & DinosaursDr Kent Hovind, William J Gibbons &$7
Refuting Compromise - a Biblical and Scientific refutation of Progressive CreationismSarfati, Jonathan$10
Darwins Nemesis - Phillip Johnson and the Intelligent Design MovementDembski - Editor, William A$12
The Biblical Basis for Modern ScienceMorris, Henry M$9
Christianity - The Faith that Makes Sense - solid Evidence for Belief in ChristMcCallum, Dennis$6
The Answers Book - The 20 Most-asked Questions About Creation Evolution and the Book of Genesis AnsweredBatten, Don$7
The Collapse of EvolutionHuse, Scott$6–$7
UnhiddenRichardson, Don$9
Gods Unwelcome Recovery - Why the new establishment wants to proclaim the death of faithOliver-Dee, Sean$8
In the Beginning was InformationGitt, Werner and Karl-Heinz VanHeiden$8
Stones and Bones - Powerful evidence against evolutionWieland, Carl$3
The Bible has the Answer - APMorris, Dr Henry$6–$9