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Stones and Bones - Powerful evidence against evolutionWieland, Carl$3
The Seal of God in Creation and the Word - An unanswerable Challenge to an Unbelieving WorldPayne, F.C.$7
God and Stephen HawkingLennox, John C$7
The World that PerishedWhitcomb, John C$7
Evidence That Demands a Verdict Historical Evidences for the Christian FaithMcDowell, Josh$6–$8
What If Jesus Had Never Been Born - APKennedy, D James$6
The Bible has the Answer - APMorris, Dr Henry$6–$9
Evidence For Creation - Intelligent answers for Open MindsDeRosa, Tom$7
Without a Doubt - answering the 20 Toughest Faith QuestionsSamples, Kenneth Richard$9
The Story of God - the world of science and religionWinston, Robert$8
More Than A Carpenter - APMcDowell, Josh$5–$6
The shorter Works of Ivan PaninPanin, Ivan$7
Seal of GodPayne, F.C.$8
Foolish Faith - what 21st Century Man says about GodEtinger, Judah$7
Gods Undertaker - Has Science buried GodLennox, John C$9
Mans Origins Mans DestinyWilder-Smith, A E$9
The Case for Easter - A Journalist Investigates the Evidence for the Resurrection - APStrobel, Lee$3–$4
Reasons for Faith (Barclay)Barclay, Oliver R$5
Why We BelieveHughes, H Trevor$6
The Sanhedrin VerdictLinton, Irwin H$10
The Evidences for ImmortalityRimmer, Harry$7–$9
Creation Revealed in Six Days - The Evidence of Scripture Confirmed by ArchaeologyWiseman, P J$20
UnhiddenRichardson, Don$9
Creation or Evolution - Do We Have to Choose ?Alexander, Denis$9
Faith & Reason - Searching for a Rational FaithNash, Ronald H$8
Looking for the AnswerBenton, John$4–$5
Ages of CreationWiyepe, Roger Rali$18
Unnatural Enemies: An Introduction to Science and ChristianityBirkett, Kirsten$7
The Case for Christmas - A Journalist Investigates the identity of the Child in the MangerStrobel, Lee$4
The Lie Evolution, Genesis -The Key to Defending Your FaithHam, Ken$6–$7
Astronomy and the BibleDeYoung, Donald B$6
The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of EvolutionWilder-Smith, A E$7
15 Reasons to Take Genesis as HistoryBatten & J Sarfati, D$3–$4
Dont Check Your Brains At The DoorMcDowell, Josh and John Gilchrist$6
The Goodness of God (Wenham)Wenham, John W$6–$7
The Bible and Modern Science (Morris)Morris, Henry M$4
You Be The Judge - Is Christianity True?Stewart, Don$5
Christian Apologetics in a World Community - APDyrness, William$5
Alien Encounters - The Secret behind the UFO PhenomenonMissler, Chuch & Mark Eastman$9
History & Faith - a personal exploration (Brown)Brown, Colin$6–$8