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Title Author Price
The Holy Bible - Revised Standard VersionRSV, $20
The One Year Bible - New Living TranslationNLT, $13
Jewish New TestamentStern, David$20
John - Eternal Love - The Passion TranslationSimmons, Dr Brian$7
Letters from Heaven by the Apostle Paul - Galatians - 1 & 2 TimothySimmons, Dr Brian$7
Hebrews and James - Faith Works - the Passion TranslationSimmons, Dr Brian$7
The Living Bible .The Living Bible, $8
One Way the Jesus People New TestamentNorlie, Olaf M$20
Christian Community Bible - Catholic Pastoral EditionCCB, $20
The 21st Century King James Version - Holy Bible21st Century KJV, $20
The One Year Bible - NIVNIV, $9
The Four Gospels - A New Translation ( Torrey )Torrey, Charles Cutler$20
The Twentieth Century New TestamentNew, Testament$9–$10
Starting Point Study BibleNIV, $25
The Apocrypha- Authorized VersionKJV, $8
The New English BibleNEB, $8
Gods Word - Todays Bible Translation that Says what it MeansGods Word, $20
The Laymans Parallel New TestamentNew, Testament$10
The Renovare Spiritual Formation BibleNRSV, $35
The Bible in One YearNIV, $10
The Voice - Readers New TestamentThe Voice, $8
The C S Lewis BibleNRSV, $30
The Six Version Parallel New TestamentNew, Testament$15–$20
Acts Through EphesiansWuest, Kenneth S$9
The New Testament from 26 TranslationsVaughan, Curtis$15–$20
The Holy Scriptures - a New TranslationDarby, J N$20
The New Testament in Modern Speech - BWeymouth, Richard Francis$6–$7
The New Testament in Modern EnglishPhillips, J B$7
The HarperCollins Study Bible with Apocryphal / Deuterocanonical booksNRSV, $35
The Personal Workers TestamentKJV, $5
The New Testament - A New Translation - Volume 1Barclay, William$6
The New English Bible with apocryphaNEB, $9
The Catholic Youth Bible - International Edition NRSV, $20
Novum Jesu Christi TestamentumLatin New Testament, $7
The Dartmouth Bible - An abridgment of the King James VersionChamberlin, Roy B$15
The New Testament in the Language of todayBeck, Brian E$9
The Laymans Parallel Bible - KJV Modern Language Living RSVKJV , NIV , LB , NRSV, $18
Arthur Mees Peoples BibleMee, Arthur$6
The Story of Stories - The Bible in Narrative FormHinckley, Karen C$8
The Four Gospels - A New TranslationRieu, E V$5