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Synopsis of the Four Gospels Greek English Edition of the Synopsis Quattuor EvangeliorumAland, Kurt$35
The Analytical Greek Lexicon (Bagster)Bagster, Samuel$14–$18
The Englishmans Greek Concordance of the New Testament (Bagster)Bagster, Samuel$18
Translating the Word of God - with Scripture and Topical indexesBeekman, John & John Callow$15
Ancient Hebrew Lexicon of the Bible - Hebrew letters words and roots defined within their ancient cultural contextBenner, Jeff A$30
The Greek New Testament (Bible Society)Bible Society, $12
Bible Key Words - Volume III containing Faith & Spirit of GodBultmann & Weiser & Schweizer, $6
Concordant Greek Text .Concordant Publishing Concern, $20
Koine Greek Reader - Selections from the New Testament Septuagint and Early Christian WritersDecker, Rodney j$20
Learn New Testament GreekDobson, John H$10
Word Meanings in the New Testament - One Volume editionEarle, Ralph$13
Dictionary of Bible WordsEddison, John$8
Meet the Greek TestamentFox, Adam$7
Vital Words of the BibleFurness, J M$6–$7
Laymans English Greek ConcordanceGall, James$12
Gesenius Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon to the Old TestamentGesenius, H W F$30
The New Testament Greek English Dictionary Alpha-Gamma - The Complete Biblical Library #11Gilbrant (editor), Thoralf$20
The New Testament Greek English Dictionary Pi-Rho - The Complete Biblical Library #15Gilbrant (editor), Thoralf$20
The New Testament Greek English Dictionary Sigma-Omega - The Complete Biblical Library #16Gilbrant (editor), Thoralf$20
Synonymns of the Old TestamentGirdlestone, Robert Baker$16
Elements of Biblical Exegesis - a Basic Guide for Students and MinistersGorman, Michael J$13–$14
The Numerical Bible - 7 VolumesGrant, F W$85
The Secret Sayings of Jesus - the Gospel of ThomasGrant & D N Freedman, R M$5
A Complete Vocabulary of the Greek TestamentGreen , S G$8
The Polymicrian Greek Lexicon to the New TestamentGreenfield, W$8
Scribes Scrolls and ScriptureGreenlee, J Harold$8
Searchlight on Bible Words- BLHefley, James C$6–$8
Greek English Lexicon to the New TestamentHickie, W J$8
Ecclesiasticvs - or the Wisdom of Jesus the Son of SirachHind, C Lewis$20
Synopsis of the First Three GospelsHuck, Albert$30
Essentials of New Testament GreekHuddilston, John Homer$8
The Gospel According to Judas (Iscariot)Iscariot, Benjamin$8
A Key to Jays New Testament GreekJay, E G$4
New Testament Greek - An Introductory GrammarJay, Eric G$14–$20
Sound Speech: Studies in English for Christian WorkersJohnston, R D$9
The Text of the Greek BibleKenyon, Frederic G$6
Kepos Greek in Two YearsKinchin Smith, F$10
Handbook of New Testament Greek - An Inductive Approach Based on the Greek Text of ActsLaSor, William Sanford$20
New Testament Greek for BeginnersMachen, J Gresham$6
Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek (Metzger) - BLMetzger, B M$8