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Title Author Price
The Personality of St PaulA Lapide, Cornelius$9
A Short Introduction to the PentateuchAalders, G Ch$7–$8
The Nature and Authority of the BibleAbba, Raymond$6
The Bible Companion (BR)Abingdon, Press$20
The Word Illustrated Bible HandbookAbingdon, Press$14
Exile and Restoration - A Studt of Hebrew Thought of the Sixth Century BCAckroyd, Peter R$9
Our BibleAdams, J McKee$6
The Greek New Testament - With DictionaryAland, Kurt$12–$15
A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period - Volume 1 - From the Beginnings to the End of the MonarchyAlbertz, Rainer$15
Gods Story of Mans HistoryAlderman, Paul R$5
The Lion Concise Bible HandbookAlexander, David and Pat$7–$9
The Lion Handbook to the BibleAlexander, David and Pat$18–$20
The Lion Handbook to the Bible - Revised EditionAlexander, David and Pat$15–$24
The Family Encyclopedia of the BibleAlexander, Pat$9–$14
The Life and Letters of PaulAlexander, Pat$8
The Lion Concise Bible EncyclopediaAlexander, Pat$7–$8
The Lion Encyclopedia of the BibleAlexander, Pat$8–$10
The Kingdom of God (Alington)Alington, C$4
The Dead Sea Scrolls - a reappraisalAllegro, John$7–$9
The Early Church and the New TestamentAllen, Irene$7
Whos who in the Bible - A directory of Scriptural CharactersAllen , Rev E Fletcher$7
Bible Study Resource GuideAllison, Joseph D$10
An Index to the Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich Greek LexiconAlsop, John$9
Tomorrows ChildAlves, Rubem$5
A New Concordance to the Holy BibleAmerican Bible Society, $8
The Bible - embracing Gods TruthAnders, Max$9
What You Need to Know About the Bible in 12 LessonsAnders, Max$9
Plants of the Bible - In Their Natural SurroundingsAnderson, A W$9–$10
The Living Word of the BibleAnderson, Bernhard W$7–$8
The Living World of the Old TestamentAnderson, Bernhard W$9–$10
Meeting the ProphetsAnderson, Don$4
A Critical Introduction to the Old Testament- BRAnderson, G W$6
The History and Religion of Israel (Anderson)- BRAnderson, G W$6
Extreme A to Z Find it In the BibleAnderson, Ken$14
Little Book of Where to Find it in the Bible - the Ultimate A to Z ResourceAnderson, Ken$6
Finding the Heart to go onAnderson, Lynn$7
The Sermon on the Mount (Andrews)Andrews, C$5
The Bible Handbook (Angus)Angus, Joseph$10
Taking A Stand For the Bible - Todays leading experts answer critical questions about Gods WordAnkerberg, John and Dillon Burroughs$9
The Combined Gospels - Founded on the Authorised VersionAnonymous, $7