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Titles 40–80 of 1678

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Title Author Price
How to Master The Bible- BRAnstey, Rev Martin$6–$7
Paul - The InterpreterAppleton, George$4
The Heart of the Bible (Appleton)Appleton, George$7
A Survey of Old Testament IntroductionArcher, Gleason L JR$8–$12
Did I Betray the Gospel - The Letters of Paul and the Place of WomenAriarajah, Wesley$6
The Old Testament and CriticismArmerding, Carl E$10
The Tales Christ ToldArmstrong, April$7
The Gospel ParablesArmstrong, Edward$7
On The BibleArmstrong, Karen$8–$9
Salt and Light - the Sermon on the MountArnold, Eberhard$8
Encountering The Old Testament (Arnold & Beyer)Arnold & B E Beyer, B T$20
From the HillsideAtkins, Glen$3
Is the Bible TrueAtkinson, Basil F C$5
The Christians Use of the Old TestamentAtkinson, Basil F C$6
Paul Master of the Spiritual Life - Vol 2Augrain, Charles$10
The New Testament in Its Literary EnvionmentAune, David$14
A Better Way - Jesus and Old Testament Fulfilment - BRAusten, Simon$9
The Miracles of Jesus for TodayBailey, James H$7
Two Testaments One BibleBaker, D L$12
A Fresh New Look at GodBaker, Don$8
You Can Understand the Bible by its unifying themesBaker , Nelson B$7
What is the New TestamentBaker, T G A$4–$6
Pocket Readers Guide to the BibleBalchin, John$4–$5
Let The Bible Speak (Balchin)Balchin, John F$4
Let the Bible Speak AgainBalchin, John F$4
Women in the Bible - Miracle Births Heroic Deeds Bloodlust and JealousyBaldock, John$8
Can we Still Believe the Bible and Does it really matter (BR)Ball, Bryan$7–$9
God and History in the Old TestamentBaly, Denis$10
Early Sites of ChristianityBamm, Peter$8
Conversational Bible StudyBanks, Robert & Julia$6
Best Books for your Bible Study Library (BR)Barber, Cyril J$7
Questions & Answers from the BibleBarbour Publishing, $4
The Making & Meaning of the BibleBarclay, George$3–$6
Down with Heaven - Living out the Fruit of the SpiritBarclay, Ian$4
He Gives His WordBarclay, Ian$3–$4
Jesus of Nazareth (Barclay)- BRBarclay, William$18
Many Witnesses One Lord - BRBarclay, William$4
The Masters Men - BRBarclay, William$3–$4
The Plain Man Looks at the Apostles Creed-BRBarclay, William$5
Encounters With Jesus - BRBarker, Frank$8