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Titles 1640–1680 of 1675

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Title Author Price
Before the Flood - Dramatic new evidence that the Biblical Flood was a real life eventWilson, Ian$7
The Turin ShroudWilson, Ian$4–$6
Out of Darkness into His Marvellous Light- BRWilson, Malcolm & Margaret$8
Wilsons Dictionary of Bible TypesWilson, Walter Lewis$14–$20
Operation exodus (Wilson-Haffenden)Wilson-Haffenden, D J$8
Making Sense of the BibleWinter, David and Bernard Bangley$9
Pathways in ScriptureWinzen, Damasus$8
Magnificent Promise - A Fresh View of the Beatitudes From the CrossWirt, Sherwood Eliot$5
The Old Testament - A Guide to its writingsWolff, Hans Walter$5
Young Men of ScriptureWolston, W T P$7
Understanding Bible Teaching: The Nature of ManWood, A Skevington$4
A Birds Eye View of the BibleWood, G R Harding$5–$7
You Cant Beat the BeatitudesWood, George$5
Ur of the Chaldees: A Record of Seven Years of ExcavationWoolley, C Leonard$3–$5
Re-living Our Faith Today - a Bible Study Resourse BookWorld Student Christian Federation, $6
Pocket Concordance and Bible GuideWright, Charles H H$6
Users Guide to the BibleWright, Chris$6–$7
The Westminster Smaller Bible AtlasWright, G Ernest$3
A Brief Survey of the BibleWright, Sara Margaret$6–$7
What St Paul Really SaidWright, Tom$9
Self-Portrait of ChristWuenschel, Edward A$7
Masada - Herods Fortress and Zealots Last StandYadin, Yigael$6
Persia and the BibleYamauchi, Edwin$14
The Stones and the ScripturesYamauchi, Edwin$6–$7
A Guide to the Old TestamentYates, G Gilbert$8
The Once and Future IsraelYerby, R B$10
First Hand JoyYohn, Rick$4
An Introduction to the Old Testament (Young)Young, Edward J$9
Can These Dry Bones LiveYoung, Frances$8
Analytical Concordance to the Holy BibleYoung, Robert$20–$25
Youngs Analytical Concordance To The BibleYoung, Robert$15–$20
Patriarchs Judges and KingsYoungman, Bernard R$5
Spreading the Gospel - Book 4 Background to the BibleYoungman, Bernard R$7
The Lords Prayer (Zodhiates)Zodhiates, Spiros$18
The Zondervan Expanded ConcordanceZondervan, $20