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Title Author Price
The Parables of Jesus (Jeremias)Jeremias, Joachim$9
The Ministry and Message of PaulLongenecker, Richard N$8
Naves Topical Bible - A Digest of the Holy ScripturesNave, Orville J$18–$24
The New Compact Topical BibleWharton, Gary$9–$10
Search the Scriptures - a three year Bible study course (Stibbs)Stibbs, Alan M$10
Myth & Mystery - an introduction to the Pagan Religions of the Biblical worldFinegan, Jack$8–$12
The Greek New Testament - With DictionaryAland, Kurt$12–$15
Between the Testaments (Russell)Russell, D S$8
From Early Judaism to Early ChurchRussell, D S$8
Old Testament Survey - The Message Form and Background of the Old TestamentLa Sor, William Sanford$10–$30
An Introduction to the New Testament - Second EditionCarson & Moo, $30
Davids Truth - In Israels Imagination and MemoryBrueggemann, Walter$9
Israels Praise - Doxology against Idolatry and IdeologyBrueggemann, Walter$9
The Bible - The Making and Impact of the Bible - A HistoryMiller, Stephen M$12
Miryam of Jerusalem - Teacher of the DisciplesJohnson, Ann$7
Miryam of Judah - Witness in Truth and TraditionJohnson, Ann$5–$7
Transformed by the Renewing of your mind - a radical daily method of Bible StudyShirock, Robert$7
The Prayer of Jesus - The Lords Prayer in Daily LifeSolomon, Robert M$13
The Parables - Understanding What Jesus MeantInrig, Gary$8
The Book of Books - The Radical Impact of The King James Bible 1611 - 2011Bragg, Melvyn$8
The New Compact Bible DictionaryBryant, T Alton$8
Introduction to the New Testament ( Harrison )Harrison, Everett F$14
The Language and Imagery of the BibleCaird, G B$15
God Wrote Only One BibleRay, Jasper James$8
Did I Betray the Gospel - The Letters of Paul and the Place of WomenAriarajah, Wesley$6
Manners And Customs Of The BibleFreeman, James$12–$18
The Tabernacle - shadows of the MessiahLevy, David$9
Studies in Scripture and its AuthorityRidderbos, Herman$7
DavidHercus, John$5
Postive Obedience - The christian Response to the Ten commandmentsBisagno, John$4
The Bible as History - Archaeology Confirms the Book of BooksKeller, Werner$5–$9
What the Bible Teaches (BR)Torrey, R A$10–$12
The Scripture of Truth- BRCollett, Sidney$8
Rightly Dividing The Word ( Larkin )Larkin, Clarence$15
Halleys Bible HandbookHalley, Henry$10
The Path of the Just Volume 2Gaglardi, B Maureen$30
The Path of the Just - vol 1Gaglardi, B Maureen$12–$15
Really Bad Girls Of The BibleCurtis-Higgs, Liz$9
The Typology of ScriptureFairbairn, Patrick$25
The Lord and His PrayerWright, Tom$8