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Title Author Price
Old Testament TodayHill & J H Walton, A E$30
An Introduction to the New Testament (DeSilva)deSilva, David$30
The Message of the Prophets - a survey of the Prophetic and Apocalyptic Books of the Old TestamentHays, J Daniel$30
Personal Bible Study MethodsWarren, Rick$6
The Greek New Testament - With DictionaryAland, Kurt$12
So Many Versions ? 20th century English Versions of the BibleKubo & Specht, Sakae & Walter$9
The Infallible Word - A SymposiumWestminster Theological Seminary, $5
New Bible Dictionary - IVP - Second EditionDouglas, J D$18–$20
A History of Israel in Old Testament TimesHerrmann, Siegfried$10
NIV Compact Dictionary Of The BibleDouglas, J D$8–$10
Dictionary of Paul and His Letters - A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical scholarshipHawthorne, Ralph Martin, Daniel Reid, Gerald F$30
All the Doctrines of the BibleLockyer, Herbert$12–$18
All the Parables of the BibleLockyer, Herbert$10–$12
Chauvinist or Feminist - Pauls View of WomenBoldrey, Richard & Joyce$6
Talk Thru the BibleWilkinson, Bruce$16–$20
A Survey of Old Testament IntroductionArcher, Gleason L JR$8–$12
Journey into Gods Word - your guide to understanding and applying the BibleDuvall, J. Scott$6
Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Compact EditionStrong, James$12–$18
Mary - The Mother of JesusVirgo, Wendy$7
Strongs Exhaustive Concordance Of The BibleStrong, James$18–$20
Crudens ConcordanceCruden, Alexander$6–$9
On The BibleArmstrong, Karen$8–$9
Nelsons Illustrated Encyclopedia of Bible FactsPacker, James I & Merrill C Tenney & William White$20–$25
The Kingdom of God (Bright)Bright, John$6
A History of Israelite Religion in the Old Testament Period - Volume 1 - From the Beginnings to the End of the MonarchyAlbertz, Rainer$15
Holy War in Ancient Israelvon Rad, Gerhard$9
Wisdom in Israelvon Rad, Gerhard$13
Paul Through Modern Eyes - a new look at Paul in his letters and the Acts of the ApostlesPowell, Cyril H$7
He Spoke to them in ParablesBosley, Harold A$7
Miracles of Our SaviourTaylor, William M$9
A General Introduction to the BibleGeisler, Norman L$12
Ungers Bible DictionaryUnger, Merrill F$18
Knots Untied - being plain statements on disputed points in Religion from the standpoint of an Evangelical ChurchmanRyle, J C$8
All the Women of the Bible (Deen)Deen, Edith$8
Analytical Concordance to the Holy BibleYoung, Robert$20–$25
In Search of St PaulRogers, Jean Scott$8
A Harmony of the Gospels for students of the Life of ChristRobertson, A T$10
Archaeology and Bible HistoryFree, Joseph P$9
The Synoptic Gospels - a Commentary for Teachers & StudentsCampbell, D B J$8
Inspiration and Canonicity of the BibleHarris, R Laird$9