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Title Author Price
Faith vs The Modern Bible VersionsCloud, David W$20
A Harmony of the Gospels - New American StandardThomas & S N Gundry, R L$12
Our Christian Heritage - An Exposition of the Apostolic Creed The Ten commandents and The Lords PrayerVan Baalen, J K$8
Paul - an Outline of His TheologyRidderbos, Herman$12
How to Read the Bible for All its Worth - 2nd editionFee, Gordon D & Douglas Stuart$8
The Coming of the KingdomRidderbos, Herman$10
Accuracy of Translation and the New International VersionMartin, Robert$6–$9
Historical Backgrounds of Bible HistoryLewis , Jack P$8
You Can Understand the Bible by its unifying themesBaker , Nelson B$7
The Story of St Pauls Life and LettersSmyth, J Paterson$6
Is the New Testament History ?Barnett, Paul$9
The Structure of Biblical AuthorityKline, Meredith G$9
The Formation of the Christian Biblevon Campenhausen, Hans$10–$20
The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible (Warfield)Warfield, Benjamin B$16
The Inspiration and Authority of ScripturePache, Rene$14
Simon Peter - His Life and LettersWolston, W.T.P.$8
A Home Within the Wilderness - Studies on the TabernacleOlford, Stephen F$6
The Stranger on the Road to EmmausCross, John$10
For Believers Only - Sermon on the MountSanders, J Oswald$6
Foundations for Reconstruction - Ten commandmentsTrueblood, Elton$5
A Dictionary of Life in Bible TimesUrech, Edouard$9–$10
Our Bible and the Ancient ManuscriptsKenyon, Frederic G$9
Myth & Mystery - an introduction to the Pagan Religions of the Biblical worldFinegan, Jack$8
All the Women of the Bible (Deen)Deen, Edith$8
Tabernacle Studies IllustratedChambers, Laurence T$7
Magnificent Promise - A Fresh View of the Beatitudes From the CrossWirt, Sherwood Eliot$5–$7
The Four Gospels arranged in the form of a Harmony from the text of the AVFuller, J M$7
Elijah - Confrontation Conflict & CrisisHendricks, Howard G$6
The Temple Its ministry and ServicesEdersheim, Alfred$12
The Parables of Jesus (Kistemaker)Kistemaker, Simon$10
Handbook of Biblical chronology - Principles of time reckonong in the ancient World and problems of chronology in the BibleFinegan, Jack$15
All the Men of the BibleLockyer, Herbert$9–$10
God Meant it for Good - a fresh look at the life of JosephKendall, R T$6
The Complete Idiots guide to Bible Study for TeensGrimbol, William R$7
Making Sense of the Bible ( Winter )Winter, David$7
Archaeology and the BibleOwen, G Frederick$8
The Stones Cry OutFawthrop, T W$8–$13
New Discoveries in Babylonia About GenesisWiseman, P J$6
What the Bible is All AboutMears, Henrietta C$7–$8
The Path of the Just - vol 1Gaglardi, B Maureen$12