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Title Author Price
No Longer LonelyAnsite, Pat$5
Isnt it WonderfulAnsoul, Richard$6
CrossfireAnthony, Ole$7
The Ghost in My LifeAnthony, Susan B$4
Taming the Tiger - The remarkable story of a Kung Fu World Champion (BI)Anthony, Tony$7
Anchor in the Storm- BIApplegate, Helen$5–$7
Gods JunkieArguinzoni, Sonny$6
He Shall With Giants FightArnott, Anne$6–$7
Journey Into UnderstandingArnott, Anne$6–$8
The Brethren - An Autobiography of a Plymouth Brethren ChildhoodArnott, Anne$8
The Unexpected CallArnott, Anne$5–$8
How Will I Tell My MotherArterburn, Jerry$6
Preacher with a Billy ClubAsmuth, Robert C$5
Somebody Love Me ( Atkinson )Atkinson, Sandy A$4
Eric Gill WorkmanAttwater, Donald$4
DiscoveryAustin, Bill$4
Decision at DawnAwe, Chulho$5–$7
KagawaAxling, William$6–$7
From Darkness to Light - The Story of the Former Orthodox Priest Teodor PopescuAzimioara, Horia$9
The Amazing Grace of Freedom - the Inspiring Faith of William WilberforceBaehr, Ted$10
Farther In and Deeper DownBailey, E K$10
D L Moody The Valley and the WorldBailey, Faith Coxe$4
These Too Were Unshackled - BIBailey, Faith Coxe$5
Run With The Wind- BIBailey, John$4–$5
Visions Beyond the VeilBaker, H A$5
Another Way of SeeingBaker, Marilyn$5–$7
Experiencing Heaven - Three True StoriesBaker Publishing, $9
Son of a Preacher Man - son of Jim & Tammy FayeBakker, Jay$9
The Story of TaizeBalado, J L G$7
Henrietta Mears and How She Did ItBaldwin, Ethel May$6
The Ebony SaintBaldwin, Lindley J$6
I Leap Over the WallBaldwin, Monica$4
The Called and the ChosenBaldwin, Monica$4
My War with GodBanister, Gary$4
Alive AgainBanks, Bill$4–$6
Cliff Richard - Heroes of the CrossBarker, Gale$5
Puritan Profiles - 54 Puritans Personalities Drawn together by The Westminister AssemblyBarker, William$9
The Long Way HomeBarley, Gordon$7
Ahead of His Age - Bishop Barnes of BirminghamBarnes, John$9
Terry Waite Man With a MissionBarnes, Trevor$6