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Title Author Price
Truth Seekers - Ten Amazing People Who Found ItRoth, Sid$8
To Hell and BackAlexander, Liesl$5
Jesse - found in heavenPringle, Chris$6
Unexpected HealingLarcombe, Jennifer Rees$5
Miracles - true stories of how God acts todayPrice, Geoff and Hope$7
Bruchko - The Astonishing story of a 19 years old youths capture by stone age Indians, and his adventures in Christianizing the Motilone tribeOlson, Bruce E$7–$8
Why Me (Damkani)Damkani, Jacob$7
They Found the Secret - twenty transformed lives that reveal a touch of eternityEdman, V Raymond$7
Exposed HeartHolland, Jackie$8
The Red Dean of Canterbury - The public and private faces of Hewlett JohnsonButler, John$10
90 Minutes In HeavenPiper, Don$8
Dare To Search For TruthPillans, Suzanne$7
Escape - the true story of a young woman caught in the clutches of a religious cultMartin, Rachel$6–$7
An Ordinary Man An Extraordinary LifeLinsell, Dr Malcolm$7
Death of a Guru - A Hindu Comes to ChristMaharai, Rabindranath R$6
23 minutes in Hell - BIWiese, BIll$8
Rachels Tears: The Spiritual Journey of Columbine Martyr Rachel Scott (BI)Nimmo, Beth & Darrell Scott$6
Walk On - The Spiritual Journey of U2Stockman, Steve$7–$8
Choices ChangesEareckson, Tada Joni$7
A Twentieth Century Testimony - Malcolm MuggeridgeMuggeridge, Malclom$8
Experiencing Heaven - Three True StoriesBaker Publishing, $9
Cloud of Witnesses- the 2005 Christian CompanionHibbins, Susan$8
Journey to Murder Road to ForgivenessPollard, Jo$7
My Life My Faith - Rev Dr Jaerock Lees AutobiographyLee, Rev Dr Jaerock$8
Internal Revolution - One mans incredible journey from near death to new lifeJoy, Rob$7
God in a BrothelWalker, Daniel$7–$8
No Time to WeepNorman, Ron$5
Puritan Profiles - 54 Puritans Personalities Drawn together by The Westminister AssemblyBarker, William$9
Out of the Black ShadowsLungu, Stephen$7–$8
No Compromise- The Life Story of Keith GreenGreen, Melody$7–$8
In The Presence Of My EnemiesBurnham, Gracia$8
Stronger Than SteelSproul, R C$6
A Boys WarMichell, David$7
Charles SimeonMoule, Handley$5–$7
Ten Fingers for God - the life and work of Dr Paul BrandWilson, Dorothy Clarke$6
The Cross and the SwitchbladeWilkerson, David$6
The Complete Book of Christian HeroesJackson, Dave & Neta$8
The Long Awakening - A MemoirOconnor, Lindsey$8
Such A Candle - The Story of Hugh LatimerWood, Douglas C$8
More Than NotionAlexander, J H$10