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Title Author Price
The Oxford Dictionary of SaintsFarmer, David Hugh$9
The Fathers of the Latin Churchvon Campenhausen, Hans$10
Beyond the Cross and the SwitchbladeWilkerson, David$5
Black and FreeSkinner, Tom$5
Devil on the Run - sequel to Run Baby RunCruz, Nicky$6
Black and TryingMurphy, Willie$6
Taming the Tiger - The remarkable story of a Kung Fu World Champion (BI)Anthony, Tony$7
Out of my Life and ThoughtSchweitzer, Albert$5
I Dared to Call Him FatherSheikh, Bilquis$5–$7
Miracle in the Mirror - the Dramatic story of lovely Asian Nita Edwards paralyzed miraculously healed and divinely destined to touch Southeast Asia with the power of the CrossBuntain, Mark$5
On the Road to Dev Suwa SevawaPerera, Theodore H$5
Prayer Power at Dev Suwa SevawaPerera, Theodore H$5–$6
Forbidden Love - a harrowing true story of love and revenge in JordanKhouri, Norma$8
Ten Fingers for God - the life and work of Dr Paul BrandWilson, Dorothy Clarke$6
Rees Howells IntercessorGrubb, Norman$7
George Muller Man of Faith and MiraclesMiller, Basil$5
Death of a Guru - A Hindu Comes to ChristMaharai, Rabindranath R$6
Deliver Us From EvilBasham, Don$7
Oxford Dictionary of SaintsFarmer, David$9
First Person - God in the lives of Oxford ChristiansKeene - Editor, Anne$7
Betrayed - How do you feel when you are successful 50 and Jewish and your 21 year old daughter tells you she believes in JesusTelchin, Stan$7
Faith of Our Fathers - Men and Movements of the 17th CenturyHigham, Florence$7
God in a BrothelWalker, Daniel$7–$8
90 Minutes In HeavenPiper, Don$8
Shut Up Sarah - She was 16, rebellious with an exclusive upbringingField, Marion$6
Gifted Hands - The Ben Carson StoryCarson, Ben$4
They Found the Secret - twenty transformed lives that reveal a touch of eternityEdman, V Raymond$5–$7
George muller Delighted in GodSteer, Roger$6
Baroness Cox - A Voice for the VoicelessBoyd, Andrew$8–$10
Praying Hyde - A Present Day Challenge to PrayerCarre - Editor, E G$7
Relic Quest - The True Story of one mans pursuit of the lost Ark of the CovenantCornuke, Robert$8
Blood Brothers - A Palestinian Christian Working for Peace in IsraelChacour, Elias$8
Of Whom The World Was Not WorthyChapian, Marie$7
Angel UnawareRogers, Dale Evans$6
Bright Promise - The Phenomenal story of the Korean Helen KellerDyer, Donita$7
My Son My sonPalmer, Bernard$5
Rachels Tears: The Spiritual Journey of Columbine Martyr Rachel Scott (BI)Nimmo, Beth & Darrell Scott$6–$7
Circumcised HeartNor, Hilmy$7
Great Revivalists - 1700 to the Present DayPeters, John$9
Girl Soldier - a story of hope for Northern Ugandas ChildrenMcDonnell, Faith J H & Grace Akallo$8