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Gods Outlaw: The Story of Wiliam TyndaleEdwards, Brian H$7–$8
Angels on AssignmentHunter, Charles Frances$7
The PersecutorKourdakov, Sergei$5
If I PerishKim, Esther Ahn$6
Help Me Remember Help Me ForgetSadler, Robert$5
They Found the Secret - twenty transformed lives that reveal a touch of eternityEdman, V Raymond$6–$7
The Diary of a Freed MasonVaughan, David W M$6
A Brilliant DeceptionKline, Chris$5
Escape From the Guru - One Girls Encounter With the Forces of Evil - and the Power of ChristSzandorowska, Barbara$6
Anointed for Burial - Cambodias Like a Mighty WindBurke, Todd and DeAnn$6
Death of a Guru - A Hindu Comes to ChristMaharai, Rabindranath R$6
Escape from WitchcraftBlankenship, Roberta$5–$6
The Craft and the CrossGordon, Ian$6
The Fifth Pillar - a Spiritual PilgrimageZeidan, David$6
I Dared to Call Him FatherSheikh, Bilquis$6
Scotlands Greatest Athlete - The Eric Liddell StoryThomson , D P$6
They Put Me InsideGrestone, Tony$5
Yes LordBredesen, Harald$7
Life on the Line - The Story of Des & Ros SinclairGibson, Al$8
Eternal Victim Eternal VictorMcClurkin, Donnie$8–$10
Living on the Devils DoorstepMcClung, Floyd$6–$8
Hear My Cry Oh GodBilling, Merrilyn$7
From Witchcraft to ChristIrvine, Doreen$4
My Descent into Death - a second chance at LifeStorm, Howard$9
Telling Secrets - A memoirBuechner, Frederick$8
Fear No Evil - A Personal Struggle with CancerWatson, David$5
An Irish SaintBingham, Helen E$6
True to Life - The incredible story of a young woman who spoke up for the unborn...Folger, Janet$7
Proof of Heaven - A Neurosurgeons Journey into the AfterlifeAlexander, Eben$7
IM Asking You Nicely - The Es Kaitell BiographyWatts, Greg$7
23 minutes in Hell - BIWiese, BIll$8
The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven - a remarkable account of miracles angels and life beyond this world - A True StoryMalarkey, Kevin & Alex$8
The Day I Died - An unforgettable story of life after deathSjogren, Steve$8
Glimpses of Heaven - true stories of Hope & Peace at the End of Lifes JourneyHarris, Trudy$8
90 Minutes In HeavenPiper, Don$7–$8
Sealed OrdersSanford, Agnes$8
Mister God This is Anna- BIFynn, $5–$7
A Liberal and Godly Dean - The Life of Edward CarpenterDe-la-Noy, Michael$15
To Heaven and Back - a doctors extraordinary account of her death heaven angels and life again - A True StoryNeal, Mary c$8
The House of My Friends - Memories and ReflectionsJames, Eric$8