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Title Author Price
Voices from the Edge of Eternity - BIMyers, John$8–$9
Clemo - A Love StoryMagnusson, Sally$6
Try GodHobe, Laura$5
Visions Beyond the VeilBaker, H A$5
Of Fiction and Faith - 12 American Writers talk about their vision and workBrown - Editor, W Dale$9
The Road to Carmel - a couples dramatic journey from Broadway to Mount CarmelDavis, David$8
Stormie - A True story of triumph over guilt and fearOmartian, Stormie$5
Faith Under Fire - What the Middle East conflict has taught me about GodWhite, Andrew$5
Voice of HopeOtis, George$5
David Watson - A Portrait by his friendsEngland - Editor, Edward$5
They Found the Secret - twenty transformed lives that reveal a touch of eternityEdman, V Raymond$5–$7
Gospel Patrons - People whose Generosity changed the World - BIRinehart, John$8
Death of a Guru - A Hindu Comes to ChristMaharai, Rabindranath R$6
Bruchko - The Astonishing story of a 19 years old youths capture by stone age Indians, and his adventures in Christianizing the Motilone tribeOlson, Bruce E$7
Ten Fingers for God - the life and work of Dr Paul BrandWilson, Dorothy Clarke$6
No Compromise- The Life Story of Keith GreenGreen, Melody$7–$8
Climbing on Track - A biography of Fred MitchellThompson, Phyllis$6
The Cross and the SwitchbladeWilkerson, David$6
From Prison to PulpitJackopson, Vic$5–$6
Bob Pierce - This One thing I DoGraham, Franklin$7
In The Shadow of Aran - Modern Day parables from farm lifeJones, Mari$5
Martin Luther the ManShort, Ruth Gordon$4
Letters Never Sent - One Womans Journey from hurt to Wholenessvan Reken, Ruth E$7–$8
Let Justice Roll DownPerkins, John$7
Heaven Is For Real = a little boys astounding story of his trip to heaven and backBurpo, Todd$8
Billy Sunday the Man and His MessageEllis, William T$9
Mama Tina - The inspiring sequel to Bridge Across My sorrowsNoble, Christina$7
Amazing Grace - William Wilberforce and the heroic campaign to end slaveryMetaxas, Eric$10
In The Footsteps of a Prophet - Savelle, Jerry$8
Gods Outlaw: The Story of Wiliam TyndaleEdwards, Brian H$7–$8
Angels on AssignmentHunter, Charles Frances$7
The PersecutorKourdakov, Sergei$5
Help Me Remember Help Me ForgetSadler, Robert$5
The Diary of a Freed MasonVaughan, David W M$6
A Brilliant DeceptionKline, Chris$5
Escape From the Guru - One Girls Encounter With the Forces of Evil - and the Power of ChristSzandorowska, Barbara$6
Anointed for Burial - Cambodias Like a Mighty WindBurke, Todd and DeAnn$6
Escape from WitchcraftBlankenship, Roberta$5–$6
The Fifth Pillar - a Spiritual PilgrimageZeidan, David$6
I Dared to Call Him FatherSheikh, Bilquis$6