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weatherhead, $0
Into the Fire - CAhn, Che$9
Miracles TodayAllison, Edwina$7
Delusion or Dynamite - Reflections on a quarter century of charismatic renewalAngel, Gervais$7–$8
Keep the FireArnott, John$6
Faith is a Rest - CBaker, Brian J$4
Pat Boone and the Gift of TonguesBales, James D$8
The Quest for PowerBarnett, Paul$4
The Fellowship of the Holy SpiritBarney, Kenneth D$5
The Believers Right to the Holy Spirit BaptismBasansky, Bill$3
A Handbook on Holy Spirit BaptismBasham, Don$4–$6
A Handbook on Tongues Interpretation & ProphesyBasham, Don$5–$6
True & False ProphetsBasham, Don$4–$5
Ministering the Baptism in the Holy SpiritBasham, Don W$6
Spiritual PowerBasham, Don W$5
The School of the Holy Spirit- CBeall, James Lee$5
Moving on in the SpiritBennett, Dennis$6
The Holy Spirit and You- CBennett, Dennis and Rita$5
Journey into the Miraculous - Experiencing the touch of the supernatural GodBentley, Todd$8–$9
Holy Laughter & the Toronto BlessingBeverly, James A$8
Growing in the Prophetic - CBickle, Mike$8–$9
Gifts and MinistriesBittlinger, Arnold$6–$7
The Church is CharismaticBittlinger, Arnold$7–$8
A View From the Floor - what happens when the Holy Spirit comes upon someoneBlack, Hugh$7
The Spirit Works TodayBoyd, Frank M$5
So Your Wife Came Home Speaking in Tongues? So Did MineBranch, Robert$4–$5
Charismatics Are We Missing SomethingBrandt, R L$5
Rivers of Evidence - the Spirit and YouBrant, Roxanne$4
More Than Tongues Can TellBridge, Donald$4
Signs and Wonders TodayBridge, Donald$5
Spiritual Gifts and the ChurchBridge, Donald$4–$7
Charismatic Ministries - in the New TestamentBrooks, Noel$10
Spirit Gifts - One spirit many gifts - Discovering Gods direction for your life - Participants WorkbookBrown , Patricia D$5
Confessions of A Pentecostal - The Inspiring True Story of Ada Brownells Search for Spiritual FulfillmentBrownell, Ada$6
What Meaneth ThisBrumback, Carl$8
Rediscovering the CharismataBryant, Charles V$7
You Can Recieve the Holy Ghost TodayBuess, Bob$4
Miracle Moments - Experience the Supernatural power of the Holy Spirit dailyBurchfield, Rachel$8
Tongues to Speak or not to SpeakBurdick, Donald W$4
Congratulations You Are Gifted - spiritual Gifts What Are they ?Burns, Jim$6