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Title Author Price
Did You Receive the SpiritTugwell, Simon$6
Did You Recieve the SpiritTugwell, Simon$5
Spiritual Gifts - Ministries and ManifestationsUnderwood, B E$7
New Testament Teaching on TonguesUnger, Merrill F$6–$7
Symposium on Oneness Pentecostalism 1986United Pentecostal Church Int, $8
When the Spirit Comes- CUrquhart, Colin$5
Break Open Your WellsVadia, Maria$7
The Third Wave of the Holy SpiritWagner, C Peter$6
Your Spiritual Gifts - Can Help Your Church GrowWagner, C Peter$6–$8
Look out the Pentecostals are ComingWagner, Peter$4
Renew Us by Your SpiritWalker, Tom$4
Theres a Time and a Place- CWallace, Jamie$4
Pray in the Spirit- CWallis, Arthur$5
Alive in the Spirit - A Biblical and Practical GuideWarner, Rob$6
Rediscovering the SpiritWarner, Rob$6
One in the Spirit- CWatson, David$5
Hear His Voice - The word of Knowledge , Gods Gift or ESP?Wead, R Douglas$5
Pentecostalism and Speaking with TonguesWebster, Douglas$3
Let the Prophets Speak - How to Test and Understand Personal ProphecyWesthuizen, Kevin Van Der$7
Enthusiasm in the SpiritWild, Robert$5
Why confession ? It all begins with the mouthWillard, Howard A$4
AfterglowWirt, Sherwood E$6
Prophecy - Exercising the Prophetic Gifts of the Spirit in the Church Today - CYocum, Bruce$7
Discover Your Spiritual Gift and Use It - CYohn, Rick$7