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Title Author Price
Congratulations You Are Gifted - spiritual Gifts What Are they ?Burns, Jim$6
Living in the SpiritByrne, James E$3
Taking Hold of the God of Breakthrough - Moving from Survival to RevivalCabral, Luis$7
Baptism in the Holy SpiritCampbell, Bob$4
Counselor to CounselorCampbell, Lionel$4
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Speaking With God in the Unknown TongueCantelon, Willard$4–$5
In My Fathers House - Pentecostal Expositions of the Major Christian TruthsCanty, George$8
The Tongue - A Creative ForceCapps, Charles$5
Your Guide to Gods Power- CChant, Barry$5
Speaking in TonguesChristenson, Larry$4–$5
The Charismatic MovementChristenson, Larry$3–$4
Voices from the Gods - Speaking with TonguesChristie-Murray, David$8
The Cost of the AnointingChurruarin, Juan Jose$7
Baptized in the Spirit and Spiritual GiftsClark, Steve$4–$6
God is CharismaticCoke, Karl D$9
Make Way for the SpiritCole, Michael$6
Gods Will For Your HealingCopeland, Gloria$3
Protecting Your Family - In Dangerous TimesCopeland, Kellie$8
Load Up DevotionalCopeland, Kenneth$9
Partnership Sharing the Vision Sharing the GraceCopeland, Kenneth$3
Prosperity the Choice is YoursCopeland, Kenneth$3
Pursuit Of His PresenceCopeland, Kenneth$9
The Force of FaithCopeland, Kenneth$3
The Force of RighteousnessCopeland, Kenneth$3
The Laws of ProsperityCopeland, Kenneth$5
The Trouble MakerCopeland, Kenneth$3
Walking in the Realm of the MiraculousCopeland, Kenneth$4–$6
Whatever Happened To Biblical TonguesCoppes, Leonard J$6–$8
Slain in the Spirit - Fact or FictionCoppin, Ezra$4
The Hallelujah Revolution - The Rise of the New ChristiansCotton, Ian$8
The Gifts of the Spirit - Equipping the Church for Action (Cousen)Cousen, Cecil$5–$7
Warring According to ProphecyCrist, Terry$6
The Baptism Filling and Gifts of the Holy SpiritCriswell, W A$5
Charismatic Superstitions and MisconceptionsCroft, Jim$9
Evaluating the Charismatic MovementCulpepper, Robert H$8
Tongues Like as of FireDalton, Robert Chandler$4–$7
This Happy Gift of TonguesDavidson , Jim$5
Locusts and Wild Honey - The Charismatic renewal and the ecumenical movementDavis, Rex$6
Pathway to PowerDavison, Leslie$4
Come Holy Spiritde Rosa, Peter$4