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Title Author Price
The Baptism of The Holy Spirit (Lindsay)Lindsay, Gordon$3
The Gift of Prophecy and Interpretation of tonguesLindsay, Gordon$3
21 Reasons Why christians Should speak in Other TonguesLindsay, Gordon$3
Israels Destiny and the Coming DelivererLindsay, Gordon$3
All About the Gift of Working of Miracles - Gifts of the Spirit Series #7Lindsay, Gordon$3
The Power of His PresenceTruscott, Graham$4
Gifts of the Spirit - Volume 2Lindsay, Gordon$5
Developing the Prophetic MinistryDamazio, Frank$6
Keep the FireArnott, John$6
19 Gifts of the SpiritFlynn, Leslie B$5
Dare to Walk in Power Authority and LovePillans, Suzanne$7
Theres Dynamite in PraiseGossett, Don$4–$6
Standing in the Council of the LordKenney, Carlton$5
Walk in the Spirit- CHarper, Michael$4
Power for the Body of Christ- CHarper, Michael$4–$6
The Corinthian CatastropheGardiner, George E$4
Reflected GlorySmail, Thomas A$5
Prophecy - A Gift for today ?Houston, Graham$5
Congratulations You Are Gifted - spiritual Gifts What Are they ?Burns, Jim$6
His Power Through YouHunter, Charles Frances$7
Whatever Happened To Biblical TonguesCoppes, Leonard J$6–$8
Growing in the Prophetic - CBickle, Mike$8
The Anointing of the Holy SpiritTan, Peter$5
Speaking in TonguesChristenson, Larry$4–$5
Living Without Fear (Gossett)Gossett, Don$5–$7
These Wonderful GiftsHarper, Michael$5–$7
More God More Power - Filled and Transformed by the Holy SpiritDuewel, Wesley L$7
Fresh Wind Fresh Fire - With study guideCymbala, Jim$7
Come Holy Spirit - Learning How to Minister in Power (Pytches)Pytches, David$5–$6
Supernatural HorizonsHunter, Charles Frances$6
The Force of RighteousnessCopeland, Kenneth$3
The Force of FaithCopeland, Kenneth$3
Walking in the Realm of the MiraculousCopeland, Kenneth$4–$6
The Two Babylons - Volume 13Lindsay, Gordon$5
Is Jesus the Son of GodLindsay, Gordon$3
Your Guide to Gods Power- CChant, Barry$5
On Fire - Experiencing the impact of the Holy Spirit in your lifeLaurie, Greg$5
Moving in the SpiritPringle, Phil$4–$5
Tongues - ThiemeThieme, R B$6
The most important person on earth - the Holy spirit governor of the kingdomMunroe, Myles$9