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Title Author Price
The Image of Righteousness - Youre more than you knowDollar, Creflo A Jr$8
How to Trouble Your TroubleDollar, Creflo A Jr$8
Lord Teach Me How to Love - Learning from the ultimate exampleDollar, Creflo A Jr$8
Honoring Your Heritage of FaithSavelle, Jerry$6
The Laws of ProsperityCopeland, Kenneth$5
Walk With GodCopeland, Gloria$5
Gods Will is ProsperityCopeland, Gloria$5
The Covenant Connector - How to get connected to the promises of God through the TitheDollar, Creflo A Jr$5
The Anointing to LiveDollar, Creflo A Jr$5
Uprooting the Spirit of FearDollar, Creflo A$5
SOS Help My Flesh Needs DisciplineDollar, Creflo A Jr$5
Answers Awaiting in the Presence of GodDollar, Creflo$5–$6
Prosperity the Choice is YoursCopeland, Kenneth$3
Rightness Vs RighteousnessDollar, Creflo A Jr$3
The Force of IntegrityDollar, Creflo A Jr$3
Exposing the Spirit of Competitive JealousyDollar, Creflo A Jr$3
Capuring the Reality of Heaven and HellDollar, Creflo A Jr$3
Confidence - The missing Substance of FaithDollar, Creflo A Jr$3
The Tongue - A Creative ForceCapps, Charles$5
Face to Face With God (Johnson)Johnson, Bill$8
When Heaven Invades Earth - A 40 day personal journey Daily Devotional & JournalJohnson, Bill$8
Authentic Fire - a Response to John MacArthurs Strange FireBrown, Michael L$9
Center of the Universe TooJohnson, Bill$9
The Baptism of The Holy Spirit (Lindsay)Lindsay, Gordon$3
The Gift of Prophecy and Interpretation of tonguesLindsay, Gordon$3
21 Reasons Why christians Should speak in Other TonguesLindsay, Gordon$3
Israels Destiny and the Coming DelivererLindsay, Gordon$3
All About the Gift of Working of Miracles - Gifts of the Spirit Series #7Lindsay, Gordon$3
The Power of His PresenceTruscott, Graham$4
Gifts of the Spirit - Volume 2Lindsay, Gordon$5
Keep the FireArnott, John$6
19 Gifts of the SpiritFlynn, Leslie B$5
Dare to Walk in Power Authority and LovePillans, Suzanne$7
Theres Dynamite in PraiseGossett, Don$4–$6
Standing in the Council of the LordKenney, Carlton$5
Walk in the Spirit- CHarper, Michael$4
Power for the Body of Christ- CHarper, Michael$4–$6
The Corinthian CatastropheGardiner, George E$4
Reflected GlorySmail, Thomas A$5
Prophecy - A Gift for today ?Houston, Graham$5