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Title Author Price
The Pull of the WindAbbott, Eileen D$3
Taran WandererAlexander, Lloyd$4
Hi Thats My MonkeyArrowsmith, Pat$4
Broken PromisesBaer, Judy$4
Risky AssignmentBaer, Judy$4–$5
Stories from the Old TestamentBailey, John$5
Moses in EgyptBanks, Lynne Reid$4
Onak and the Talking BoxBarham, Marie$7
Which Way to Nineveh (Barrett)Barrett, Ethel$4
LexieBarry, Margaret$4
Flight Into the UnknownBartholomew, Barbara$3
The Big Book of All time Favourite Bible StoriesBeers, V. Gilbert$8
Our Good Night Book - Part OneBell, Lettice$3
Childrens Special Service Mission Choruses - No 1Bellars, William$3–$4
Childrens Special Service Mission Choruses - No 2Bellars, William$3–$4
Childrens Special Service Mission Choruses - No 3Bellars, William$3
Under New ManagementBelton, Raymond H$3
The Childs Own Book of Prayers and HymnsBenson, S V$4
The Mystery of the Homeless TreasureBibee, John$4
Children Arise - Manual - Music bookBilling, Graeme and Merrilyn$4
The Childrens Book of Hymns - music bookBlackie & Son Ltd, $10
Laurie - No Girl is an IslandBlathwayt, Jean$3
Uncle Pauls HouseBlathwayt, Jean$4
The Childrens Life of ChristBlyton, Enid$5
Dream Teller - The Story of JosephBolliger, Max$4
Freedom Fighter- The Story of MosesBolliger, Max$4
The Bamboo Book and Other StoriesBosanquet, June$4
Venturers NorthBoucher, Alan E$4
Dick and His DonkeyBowen, C E$3
Ride Out the StormBraga, Meg$5
The RunawaysBray, Marian Flandrick$4
My Bible-BookBrisley, Joyce Lankester$4–$7
The Power of the Family - discover Gods Design for Lasting RelationshipsBrown, Daniel A$8
The Candle of the WickedBrown , Elizabeth$4
Let the Children Come - Music & Activity BookBrown, Monica$5
Stories Jesus ToldBull, Norman J$5
The Pilgrims Progress - retold for childrenBunyan, John$5
Little Marcy with the Moses Storm - music bookCarmichael, Ralph$4
Prophets of OldCarr, V I$3
Mary Jones and her Bible (Carter)Carter, Mary$5