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Title Author Price
Little Marcy with the Moses Storm - music bookCarmichael, Ralph$4
Prophets of OldCarr, V I$3
Mary Jones and her Bible (Carter)Carter, Mary$5
Bible Stories for Children - A First BookChalmers, Muriel J$4–$5
Bible Stories for Children - A Third BookChalmers, Muriel J$3
The Bible Picture BookChalmers, Muriel J$7–$8
The Obstinate Horse and Other StoriesChina Inland Mission, $4
Long Ago in Galilee - stories that may be trueClark, Muriel$6
Jonathans DreamClaydon, Graham$4–$5
Heroes and ProphetsClow, W M$9
The Old Old StoryClow, W M$6
The Boy Who Caught the FishColeman, Jack$3
Chesapeake Charlie and Blackbeards TreasureColeman, William L$3
Chesapeake Charlie and the Bay Bank RobbersColeman, William L$4
The Brave and the BashfulColeman, William L$4
Mr Sundial (CH)Collins, Muriel$4
The Mystery of MoorlandsCollins, Muriel$3
What Katy Did At SchoolCoolidge, Susan$4
What Katy Did NextCoolidge, Susan$4
And Jesus Said (Cousins)Cousins, Mary$4
Gods Friendly PeopleCox, Lilian E$3
Men of the MorningCox, Lilian E$5
Elizabeth and TimothyCradock, H C$3
Winding Quest - The Heart of the Old Testament in Plain EnglishDale, Alan T$7–$8
White Devil - The Life and Legend of Hudson TaylorDao, Tien$7
Jos SearchDart, Dorothy$4
Never Say Die - The Story of Gladys AylwardDavey, Cyril$4
Tonys TemptationDavidson, L V$4
Ruth the RebelDavidson, Lucy V$4
Tanks ChoiceDavies, E J$4
Second BestDavies, Eunice$4
All changeDay, Roger$4
Dead Cert - Pressure PointsDay, Roger$4
Of Skies and SeasDe Jonge, Joanne E$6
The Rustling GrassDe Jonge, Joanne E$6
Stories From the Biblede la Mare, Walter$6–$7
Four at FourwaysDines, Audrey$4
The Crooked GateDonahue, Marilyn Cram$3–$5
Breakaway (Donovan)Donovan, J B$3–$5
Inside Story (Donovan)Donovan, J B$3