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Title Author Price
Who Is This - The Story of Jesus of NazarethCrawford, Mary$5
I Am DavidHolm, Anne$4
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe - The Chronicles of Narnia # 2Lewis, C. S.$5
The Voyage of the Dawntreader - The Chronicles of Narnia #5Lewis, C. S.$5
The Horse and His Boy - The Chronicles of Narnia # 3Lewis, C. S.$5
The Star Princess - the True Story of Esther whose courage saved a nationMaartens, Maretha$6
The Childrens Life of ChristBlyton, Enid$5
The Childrens Great Texts of the Bible - SetHastings, James$20–$40
Corrie Ten Boom - Heros of the FaithWellman, Sam$4
Heroes of the BibleMee, Arthur$6
All Because of SixpenceSavery, Constance$4
101 Best Bible StoriesKyles, David$5
The Two ChristmasesRenken, Aleda$4
French Fry ForgivenessLevene, Nancy S$4
The Toxic Secret - Heather Reed Mystery seriesJanney, Rebecca Price$4
Dream Teller - The Story of JosephBolliger, Max$4
Freedom Fighter- The Story of MosesBolliger, Max$4
The Story of Jesus - Bookano Living Pictures SeriesRudston Brown, F L$9–$10
Egermeiers Bible Story BookEgermeier, Elsie$9
Long Ago in Galilee - stories that may be trueClark, Muriel$6
Escape Down the Raging Rapids - D J Dillon AdventuresRoddy, Lee$4
Danger on the Flying Trapeze - D L Moody - Trailblazer booksJackson, Dave & Neta$5
The Little Book of PrayersWalsh, Caroline$6
The Big Book of All time Favourite Bible StoriesBeers, V. Gilbert$8
Bible Stories ( Parragon )Parragon, $12
Two spies on a rooftop and other story sermons for Childrens ChurchRadius, Marianne$7
A Childs Bible - New TestamentSteen, Shirley$6
White Devil - The Life and Legend of Hudson TaylorDao, Tien$7
Through the BibleWilson, Theodora Wilson$8
The Greatest Gift - Picture Stories of JesusMiller, Mary$7
The Bamboo Book and Other StoriesBosanquet, June$4
The Music Machine - Adventures in AgapelandWright , Samuel$4
The Candle of the WickedBrown , Elizabeth$4
Mis Marbless Marvelous Makeover - A story about respecting othersWalsh, Sheila$5
Chattaboongas Chilling Choice - A story about trusting GodWalsh, Sheila$5
Einsteins Enormous Error - a story about forgiving othersWalsh, Sheila$5
The Bible Picture BookChalmers, Muriel J$7–$8
Old Testament StoriesHeinemann, Thea$4
Mary Jones and her Bible (Carter)Carter, Mary$5
International Childrens Bible HandbookRichards, Lawrence$7