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Title Author Price
Learning to Say No Without Feeling GuiltyLiardon, Roberts$4
The Price of Spiritual PowerLiardon, Roberts$3
Thou Shall Prosper - Ten Commandments for Making MoneyLapin, Rabbi Daniel$8
Outflow - outward focused livingSjogren & D Ping, S$8
Biblical Principles of FinanceLittle, Kenneth$6
Dear God Dear GeorgeAdams, Richard$6–$7
But God!Edman, V Raymond$6
This is The LifeDaily, Starr$6
Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I AmPowell, John$5
Destined to Overcome - the technique of Spiritual WarfareBillheimer, Paul E$6
Sodom had no BibleRavenhill, l$7
Destined for the ThroneBillheimer, Paul E$5
Back to the GospelCollins, Paul$7
A Reason to Live A Reason to DiePowell, John$7
What Did Jesus Say About That?Baldwin, Stanley C$6–$7
Friendship UnlimitedTada, Joni Eareckson$5
10:10 Life to The FullestHill , Daniel$8
A Life God RewardsWilkinson, Bruce$6
Mr Jones Meet the Master- CLMarshall, Peter$6
Would You Believe ItSt, John Patricia$5
Honestly - How a Passage of Pain Became a Journey to JoyWalsh, Sheila$7
Life By Design - Building the future of your dreamsDuncan, Todd$7
Feeling Good About GodApplewhite, Barry$6
A Divine Revelation of Heaven (CL)Baxter, Mary K$8
Jesus Culture - Living a Life That Transforms the WorldLiebscher, Banning$7
Making Jesus Lord - The Dynamic Power of Laying Down Your RightsCunningham, Loren$7
The Juggling Act - Bringing Balance to Your Faith Family and WorkGelsinger, Pat$8
Enjoying God - Experiencing intimacy with the Heavenly FatherHill , S J$6
Searching For God Knows WhatMiller, Donald$8
Culture Making - Recovering our Creative CallingCrouch, Andy$7
He Came to Set the Captives Free (CL)Brown, Rebecca$7–$8
Half Time - Changing Your Game Plan from Success to SignificanceBuford, Bob$7
One Life - Jesus Calls We FollowMcKnight, Scot$8
Good News for Anxious Christians - 10 practical things you dont have to doCary, Phillip$8
Contending for the Authentic - an appeal to get back to basicsHayford, Jim$7
Secrets of the Second Mile - How to overcome lifes obstacles and live in victoryCrow, Mark$7
Re-Enchanting Christianity - Faith in an Emerging CultureTomlinson, Dave$9
Following Jesus Through the Eye of the NeedleAnnan, Kent$8
Revolution - The Call to holy WarBrown, Michael L$7
My Hearts Cry - Longing for more of JesusLotz, Anne Graham$8