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Sub-Merge Living Deep in a Shallow WorldBarker, Ashley$8
Breaking the Power of Natural LawDuplantis, Jesse$8
No More Debt - gods Strategy for Debt CancellationDollar, Creflo A Jr$8
The Real FaithPrice, Charles S$7
Discovering Your Heart with the Flag PageGungor, Mark$6
Living Your Strengths - Discover Your God-Given Talents and Inspire Your Community - CLWinseman, Albert L, D Clifton, C Liesveld$8
Let Us WorshipCornwall, Judson$6
Cricket and ChristianityBooth and White, Brian and Paul$5
The Answer to Moscows BibleWurmbrand, Richard$4–$5
Believe That You Can - Its time to make it HappenFranklin, Jentezen$9
The Father Heart of GodMcClung, Floyd$6
Broken for a PurposeYohannan, Gisela$7
Destined to SoarYohannan, K P$6–$7
The God Who is There - Finding Your Place in Gods StoryCarson, D A$9
Unapologetic - Why despite everything Christianity can still make surprising emotional senseSpufford, Francis$8
A New BirthRyle, J C$7
The Gatekeepers - Whatever God can get through you he will get to youWolf, Nate$7
Practical ReligionRyle, J C$9
Forging a Real World FaithMacDonald, Gordon$6–$10
Why Sin MattersMcMinn, Mark R$6
Living More With LessLongacre, Doris Janzen$7
Solving lifes ProblemsCho, Paul Yonggi$6–$7
Hardcore ChristianityBuchan, Angus$8
The Barbarian Way - unleash the untamed faith withinMcManus, Erwin$7
The Miracle Book - how you can live in a rhythm of miracles using 5 simple stepsCerullo, Morris$7
Live Your FaithMcIntire, Russell M$7
The Gospel BlimpBayley, Joseph$4
Secret Sources of Power - rediscovering Biblical Power PointsTenney, T F$7
Followers of JesusVanier, Jean$6
Christianity Made simple - all you need to get startedYoung, John$4
Can GodOrr, J Edwin$6
God Uses Cracked PotsClairmont, Patsy$5–$7
The Voice of God - How God Speaks Personally and Corporately to His Children TodayJacobs, Cindy$7–$8
A Search for the Spiritual (White)White, James Emery$7
My Hearts Cry - Longing for more of JesusLotz, Anne Graham$8
The Gift of ForgivenessStanley, Charles$8
Higher Ground- Taking Faith to the Edge (Anderson)Anderson, Neil T and Robert L Saucy$7
Voice of God - The Significance of Dreams Visions RevelationsRiffel, Herman H$7
The God Catchers - Experiencing the Manifest Presence of God (CL)Tenney, Tommy$8
Intimate Friendship With GodDawson, Joy$7