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Pack Up Your Gloomees in a Great Big Box then sit on the lid and laughJohnson, Barbara$8
Thy Hidden OnesPenn-Lewis, Jessie$6
So Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy - Pain is Inevitable but Misery is OptionalJohnson, Barbara$5
Mama Get the Hammer Theres a Fly on Papas HeadJohnson, Barbara$6
Promises Promises PromisesNederhood, Joel$6–$7
Among Friends - You can help make your church a warmer placeHinkle, James$6
Lord of My Rocking BoatMayhall, Carole$5
A Vision of GodGoudge, Elizabeth$6
Simply Christian ( Wright )Wright, Tom$9
One New ManDoron, Reuven$8
Extreme God ChasersTenney, Tommy$7
Heading for HeavenRyle, J C$5
Your Best Life NowOsteen, Joel$7
Right People Right Place . Discerning the Voice of GodFranklin, Jentezen$9
The Kingdom Power & Glory - the overcomers handbookMissler, Nancy$9
Jesus Wants to Save ChristiansBell, Rob$8
Taking Your Place in Christ - Understanding your identity & inheritance in himHankins, Mark$7
The Price of Gods Miracle Working PowerSchambach, R W$7
The Wealth Walk and Warfare of the ChristianPaxson, Ruth$7
The Holy Spirit - The Key to Supernatural LivingBright, Bill$6
When a Nation Forgets God - 7 lessons we must learn from Nazi GermanyLutzer, Erwin W$5
It Only Hurts When I LaughBarrett, Ethel$5
Winning the Real War - tearing down enemy strongholds in your lifeRobison, James$5–$7
How to Be a Christian in an Unchristian WorldRidenour, Fritz$5
The Three Battlegrounds - the mind the Church and the Heavenly placesFrangipane, Francis$7
Being Christian - exploring where You God and Life ConnectArterburn, Stephen$8
From Just Enough to OverflowingYandian, Bob$5
Echoes of his Presence - Stories of the Messiah from the People of his DayVander Laan, Ray$8
Be Ye Transformed - Understanding Gods TruthMissler, Chuck and Nancy$9
The Way of Agape - understanding Gods Love - CLMissler, Chuck and Nancy$9
The Privilege - Lessons from the heart of a ShepherdessSmith , Kay$8
Crowded to ChristMaxwell, L E$9
The Ultimate intentionFromke, DeVen F$7
The Warfare with Satan and the Way of VictoryPenn-Lewis, Jessie$4
After Gods Own Heart - Becoming a David Generation - CLBickle, Mike$7
Believing GodMoore, Beth$8
Breaking Free - Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in LifeMoore, Beth$8
Desperate DependenceDavis, Max$8
Passion for Jesus - Growing in Extravagant Love For GodBickle, Mike$8
Purity - The New Moral RevolutionVallotton, Kris$8