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Title Author Price
To Live AgainMarshall, Catherine$5–$6
Stories in the Night - Reflections of a Radio PriestMcLaren, Father Jim$7
All We Like SheepPeeples, Mary Glynn$7
True Worship (Roberts)Roberts, Vaughan$7
The Pursuit and Acquisition of Health and Wealth - a theological critique of a cultural influence on Pentecostal christianity in a Singaporean contextJacobs, Gerard$7–$8
Early Christian WorshipCullmann, Oscar$5–$8
Battles Christians FaceRoberts, Vaughan$8
Its Not Working Brother JohnAvanzini, John$7
Bible Stories retold by David Kossoff - CLKossoff, David$5
Is God at HomePhillips, J B$6
Born OldWilkerson, David$6
Fully Human Fully AlivePowell, John$6
Balcony PeopleLandorf, Joyce$7
Choose Your Attitudes Change Your Life - in 30 DaysPegues, Deborah Smith$6
This Is the Life - How to establish your heart in the grace of GodLegg, Ken$7
To Reign as KingsDuncan, Douglas S$7–$8
The Calvary RoadHession, Roy$5
The Climax of the Risen LifePenn-Lewis, Jessie$3
Adventure in AdversityBillheimer, Paul E$4
The Total BlessingWurmbrand, Richard$5
Your Road Map for SuccessMaxwell, John C$8
The God We Never KnewBorg, Marcus$7
The Common Table - Reflections and Meditations on Community in the WorkplaceCowan, John$7
Secrets of the Vine - Breaking Through to Abundance (Wilkinson)Wilkinson, Bruce$6
The Father Heart of GodMcClung, Floyd$5–$6
Psalms NowBrandt, Leslie F$6–$9
Forgive Let Go and LivePegues, Deborah Smith$8
The Ragamuffin GospelManning, Brennan$7
Brokenness: The Heart God RevivesDeMoss, Nancy$7
Truce Community - The Biblical Practice of KoinoniaBridges, Jerry$8
Titanic Warning - Hearing the voice of God in this modern ageSabella, Casey$8
Intimate Friendship With GodDawson, Joy$6–$7
Scary Close - Dropping the act and finding true intimacyMiller, Donald$9
The Born IdentityPringle, Phil$8
Keys to Understanding RelationshipsSavard, Liberty$4
Eternity - Reclaiming a passion for what enduresStowell, Joseph M$8
Integrity -Leading with God watchingLamb, Jonathan$7
Unlimiting GodBlackaby, Richard$5
Encouragement The Key to CaringCrabb, Larry$5–$7
The Blessed Life - Achieving guaranteed financial resultsMorris, Robert$8