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Title Author Price
The Traditions of GlastonburyCapt, E Raymond$6–$9
Church and People 1789-1889 in three partsCarpenter, S C$7
Church and People 1789-1889 part 1Carpenter, S C$8
The Hodder & Stoughton Book of Famous ChristiansCastle, Tony$9
The Christian Church in the Cold WarChadwick, Owen$7
The Founding of CuddesdonChadwick, Owen$8
The Reformation - The Pelican History of the Church #3Chadwick, Owen$8
Victorian MiniatureChadwick, Owen$8
DedicationChia, Richard$5
More About the Early Methodist PeopleChurch, Leslie F$8
The Early Methodist PeopleChurch, Leslie F$8
The Age of Kights & Friars Popes & Reformers - the history of the Christian Church # 3Churchill, Leigh$8
The Birth of Europe - the History of the Christian Church AD398 - 999Churchill, Leigh$8
The Blood of Martyrs - The History of the Christian ChurchChurchill, Leigh$8
In a Strange Land - a History of the Anglican Diocese of RiverinaClyde, Laurel$20
Christianity and Classical CultureCochrane, Charles Norris$9
The Story of LibertyCoffin, Charles Carleton$13
The Birthpangs of Protestant England - Religious and Cultural Change in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth CenturiesCollinson, Patrick$18
Samuel Hopkins and the New Divinity MovementConforti, Joseph A$20
Christ and the CollegesCoogan, F D$8
Ministry to Word and Sacraments - History and theologyCooke, Bernard$8
Cassell Dictionary of ChristianityCooper, J C$15
Practice and Procedure in the Church of ScotlandCox, James T$10
The Church & The Age of Reason 1648 - 1789Cragg, G R$8
The Church and the Age of Reason 1648-1789Cragg, G R$8–$9
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian ChurchCross, F L$14–$20
The Birth of Christianity - what happened in the years immediately after the execution of JesusCrossan, John Dominic$9–$12
The Early church and the StateCunningham, Agnes$9
A History of Preaching - 2 volume setDargan, Edwin C$15
Miracles of History - Cameo StudiesDavidson, David$12
Worship and Theology in England .The Ecumenical Century 1900 to the PresentDavies, Horton$14
Worship and Theology in England from Newman to Martineau 1850 - 1900Davies, Horton$9
Holy Week - a Short HistoryDavies, J G$6
MethodismDavies, Rupert E$8
Worship and Theology in England from Watts and Wesley to Maurice 1690 - 1850Davis, Horton$9
Pathway to Power - The Charismatic Movement in Historical PerspectiveDavison, Leslie$6
Chapters in Church History - volume 2Dawley, Powel Mills$8
I Believe (Day)Day, Colin$4
The Counter ReformationDickens, A G$7
The English ReformationDickens, A G$6