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Title Author Price
The Crisis of Church & State 1050-1300Tierney, Brian$8
The Churches Search for UnityTill, Barry$7
A History of the BaptistsTorbet, Robert G$9
The Churchmans History of the Oxford MovementUpton, W Prescott$5
Glimpses of the History of the Christian Churches in IndiaVarghese & P P Philip, V Titus$25
The Reformers and their StepchildrenVerduin, Leonard$9–$14
20th Century Defenders of the FaithVidler, Alec R$5
A Century of Social Catholocism 1820-1920Vidler, Alec R$12
The Church in an Age of Revolution - Volume 5Vidler, Alec R$7–$9
The Church and Mans Struggle for UnityWaddams, Herbert$7
An Introduction to the History of the Church of EnglandWakeman, Henry Offley$9
The Growing StormWalker, C S M$9
A First Church HistoryWalker, Vera E$8
A History of the Christian ChurchWalker, Williston$25
A History of the Early Church to A.D.500Wand, J W C$8
The Unceasing ConflictWarburton, Mabel C$5
Roman Catholicism in England - from the Reformation to 1950Watkin, E I$8
A Hundred Years War - the Salvation Army 1865-1965Watson, Bernard$9
Thomas Chalmers and the DisruptionWatt, Hugh$7
Methodism and the Common People of the Eighteenth CenturyWearmouth, Robert F$12
Religious Thought in the Oxford MovementWebb, C C J$7
A History of the Church of England 1945 - 1980Welsby, Paul A$18
A Basic History of Lutheranism in AmericaWentz, Abdel Ross$10
The Search for the Ancient Order - the Restoration Order 1849-1906West, Earl Irvin$10
Abusa a - Father of the ClockWestra, Richard$15
One Church One LordWhale, John$10
Josephus: The Complete WorksWhiston, William$20
Black Leadership in AmericaWhite, John$7
The Shaker ImageWhitehill, Walter Muir$15
Dissent or Conform ? War Peace and the English Churches 1900 - 1945Wilkinson, Alan$10
Why Study the Past ? The Quest for the Historical ChurchWilliams, Rowan$8
Black Religion and Black Radicalism - an interpretation of the religions history of Afro-American peopleWilmore, Cayraud S$8
Strategy of the Spirit - J Philip Hogan and the Growth of the Assemblies of God Worldwide 1960-1990Wilson, Everett A$14
Quest for Piety and Obedience - the Story of Brethren in ChristWittlinger, Carlton O$20
The Inextinguishable Blaze (Wood)Wood, A Skevington$8
Persecution in the Early ChurchWorkman, Herbert B$5
And So Set Up Signs - the World Council of Churches First 40 YearsWorld Council of Churches, $7
The Origins of the Apostolic Church in Great Britain- CYWorsford, James E$18–$20