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Antioch and RomeBrown, Raymond E$8
The History of Christianity - A Lion Handbook - CYLion Publishing, $18
One and Holy - The Church in Latin Patristic ThoughtEvans , Robert F$7
Cluniac Monasticism in the Central Middle AgesHunt, Noreen$9
The Early church and the StateCunningham, Agnes$9
Southland of the Holy Spirit - A Christian History of AustraliaKotlowski, Elizabeth Rogers$20
The Birth of Christianity - what happened in the years immediately after the execution of JesusCrossan, John Dominic$9–$12
Cities of God - The real story of how Christianity became an urban movement and conquered RomeStark, Rodney$9
Between Jesus and Paul - Studies in the Earliest History of ChristianityHengel, Martin$10
The Story of Christianity - Vol 2 The Reformation to the Present DayGonzalez, Justo L$18
Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic movementsBurgess , Stanley M$20–$25
Persecution in the Early ChurchWorkman, Herbert B$5
The Inextinguishable Blaze (Wood)Wood, A Skevington$8
A New Eusebius - Documents illustrating the history of the Church to AD 337Stevenson, j$13
Ministry to Word and Sacraments - History and theologyCooke, Bernard$8
The Second Evangelical Awakening in BritainOrr, J Edwin$15
The Brethren - A Brief SketchMiller, Andrew$7
Why Study the Past ? The Quest for the Historical ChurchWilliams, Rowan$8
Three Score Years and Ten 1891 - 1961 - The Story of Sherwood Church PaisleySherwood Church, $9
The Reformers and their StepchildrenVerduin, Leonard$9–$14
The Wollaston LegacyEdward Doncaster, Brian Kyme and $18
The Household Church - Apostolic Practice in a Modern SettingEllison, H L$5–$6
The Renaissance and Reformation Movements - vol II The ReformationSpitz, Lewis W$5
Excuse me Mr Davies - Hallelujah - Evangelical Student Witness in Wales 1923-1983Fielder, Geraint D$8
A Glorious Institution - the church in History - Parts three and fourMurrell, Stanford E$9
A Glorious Institution - The church in History - Part one and twoMurrell, Stanford E$9
The Swordbearer - John Knox and the European ReformationLamont, Stewart$8
Torches Rekindled - The Bruderhofs struggle for RemewalMow, Merrill$8
Pioneers of the Kingdom - Part IIIGarlick, Phyllis L$7
Pioneers of The KingdomGarlick, Phyllis L$7–$8
Christianity in America - a HandbookLion Publishing, $16–$18
Educating Evangelicalism - the Origins Development and Impact of London Bible CollegeRandall, Ian$8
MBI - The Story of Moody Bible InstituteGetz, Gene A$6
Thomas Chalmers and the DisruptionWatt, Hugh$7
A History of the BaptistsTorbet, Robert G$9
Charles Kingsley and the Christian Social MovementStubbs, Charles William$9
Medieval Monasticism - Forms of religious life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages - Second EditionLawrence, C H$9
A History of the English Church and PeopleBede, $6–$8
History of the Foundation of the Korean Catholic ChurchKi-Young, Byon$9
Always Reforming - Continuation of the Sixteenth Century ReformationEngelsma - Editor, David J$13