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Title Author Price
Counsels on the Spiritual LifeA, Kempis Thomas$4
The Imitation of Christa Kempis, Thomas$6–$8
The Log College - Biographical Sketches of William Tennent & His StudentsAlexander, Archibald$9–$10
A Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles - Geneva SeriesAlexander, J A$12
Alleines AlarmAlleine, Joseph$6
An Alarm to the Unconverted -CCAlleine, Joseph$6
The Confessions of St Augustine - CCAugustine, ST.$5
The Milk of the Word - an introduction to the Christian FaithBarnes, Peter$4
The Saints Everlasting RestBaxter, Richard$8
Aim High - How to MeditateBaxter, Robert E$5
AmosBeeley, Ray$6
Fifty Years Among the BaptistsBenedict, David$15
Coming to Faith in ChristBenton, John$3
Gods Riches - a work book on the Doctrines of Grace - BOTBenton, John & John Peet$6
Theory of Vision and Other WritingsBerkeley, George$6
Heroes of Israel - reprintBlaikie, William Garden$20
The Inner Life of Christ - CCBlaikie, William Garden & Robert Law$20
Right with GodBlanchard, John$4
Andrew Bonar Diary & LifeBonar, Andrew$10
By Gods Grace Alone - abridgedBooth, Abraham$6
The Art of Man FishingBoston, Thomas$5
William BagshaweBrentnall, John M$14
Psalm 119: An Exposition by Charles BridgesBridges, Charles$18
1 Peter (Brown)Brown, John$45
2 Peter Chapter 1: Parting CounselsBrown, John$14
Discourses and Sayings of Our LordBrown, John$13–$15
Discourses and Sayings of Our Lord Jesus ChristBrown, John$45
Hebrews (Brown)Brown, John$20
The First Epistle of Peter - 2 volume setBrown, John$25
The Resurrection of Life - reprintBrown, John$20
Religio MediciBrowne, Sir Thomas$7–$15
Not Guilty - abridgedBuchanan, James$7–$8
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners -CCBunyan, John$9
Butlers analogy of religionButler, Joseph$9
Our Southern Zion - Old Columbia Seminary ( 1828 - 1927 )Calhoun, David B$20
Pleading for a Reformation Vision - the Life and selected writings of William Childs RobinsonCalhoun, David B$20
Genesis ( Calvin )Calvin, John$18–$20
The Book of JoelCalvin, John$9
John Shines through AugustineCarleton, A P$7
Gods Righteous KingdomChantry, Walter$4–$6