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Title Author Price
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners -CCBunyan, John$9
The Pilgrims Progress and The Holy WarBunyan, John$15
The Works of Augustus TopladyToplady, Augustus$16
The Christian View of ManMachen, J Gresham$5
An Augustine Reader - Selections from the writings of AugustineO,Meara, John J$8
Foxs book of MartyrsFoxe, John$9
The Greatest Thing in the World - Rewritten and ExpandedDrummond, Henry$8
The Practice of the Prescence of GodLawrence, Brother$8
Signs of the Apostles - Observation on Pentecostalism Old and NewChantry, Walter$5
The Apostolic Fathers - A New Translation and commentary - Volume 4 Ignatius of AntiochGrant, Robert M$8
Religio MediciBrowne, Sir Thomas$7–$15
Heart of the saints- The christian ideal in the lives and ecumenical teaching of the SaintsJohnston, Francis W$6
Selected Readings from Blaise PascalVan de Weyer, Robert$4
Lectures on RevivalsSprague, W B$10
A Basket of FragmentsM'Cheyne, Robert Murray$8
James (Manton)Manton, Thomas$15
Haggai and MalachiMoore, Thomas$7–$16
God TranscendentMachen, J Gresham$6
Deserted by God ?Ferguson, Sinclair B$6
The Reformers and the Theology of the ReformationCunningham, William$13
The Christian Ministry (Bridges)Bridges, Charles$12
The Glorious Body of ChristKuiper, R B$7
The St Andrews Seven - the finest flowering of Missionary zeal in Scottish HistoryPiggin, Stuart & John Roxborogh$6–$7
Among The Soviet EvangelicalsNesdoly, Samuel$6
John Brown of HaddingtonMackenzie, Robert$6
The Seceders - The story of J C Philpot and William TiptaftPhilpot, J H$5
For A TestimonyHunt, Bruce$4–$5
Human Nature in its Fourfold StateBoston, Thomas$6
The Imitation of Christa Kempis, Thomas$8
The Promise of the FutureVenema, Cornelis P$20
Pleading for a Reformation Vision - the Life and selected writings of William Childs RobinsonCalhoun, David B$20
Scottish Theology in Relation to Church HistoryMacLeod, John$20
Our Southern Zion - Old Columbia Seminary ( 1828 - 1927 )Calhoun, David B$20
The Log College - Biographical Sketches of William Tennent & His StudentsAlexander, Archibald$9–$10
A Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles - Geneva SeriesAlexander, J A$12
Charges and AddressesRyle, John Charles$14
Conflict and Truth - The Argument of the Book of Job UnfoldedGreen, William Henry$9
The Life and Letters of James Henley ThornwellPalmer, B M$12
The Thought of the Evangelical LeadersPratt, John H$18–$20
The Works of Thomas Manton - Vol 1Manton, Thomas$14