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Title Author Price
Interpreters Concise Commentary - Acts & Pauls LettersAbingdon, Press$7
Interpreters Concise Commentary - The Major ProphetsAbingdon, Press$7
Interpreters Concise Commentary - Wisdom Literature and PoetryAbingdon, Press$6
Deuteronomy Jeremiah - ProclamationAchtemeier, Elizabeth$5
Mark (Achtemeier)Achtemeier, Paul J$6
Mark - ProclamationAchtemeier, Paul J$6
The First Book of Samuel - CambridgeAckroyd, Peter R$6–$8
Trust and Obey - A Practical Commentary on First PeterAdams, Jay E$7
Christ The Anchor - a Study of the Themes in the Epistle to the HebrewsAinslie, Edgar$9
Psalms for People Under PressureAitken, Jonathan$7
Psalms Songs of Dedication - Volume 2Alden, Robert$8
Psalms Songs of Devotion - Volume 1Alden, Robert$8
Psalms Songs of Discipleship - Volume 3Alden, Robert$8
The Gospel According to Mark (Thornapple)Alexander, Joseph Addison$20
The Epistles of John - Torch Bible CommentariesAlexander, Neil$7
The Epistle to the Ephesians -TorchAllan, John A$5
The Epistle to the Galatians -TorchAllan, John A$4
The Twenty-Third Psalm - An InterpretationAllen, Charles L$6
A Shelter in the Fury - ZephaniahAllen, Ronald B$8
Praise - A Matter of Life and Breath: PsalmsAllen, Ronald Barclay$8
When Song is New - Understanding the Kingdom in the PsalmsAllen, Ronald Barclay$8–$10
Inclusive-Language PsalmsAn Inclusive-Language Lectionary, $6
The Drama of the PsalmsAnders-Richards, Donald$5–$7
The New Century Bible Commentary - Psalms 73-150Anderson, A A$13
The Gospel of Mark - The New Century Bible Commentary based on RSVAnderson, Hugh$13
The Gospel of Mark -New CenturyAnderson, Hugh$10–$16
Unfolding the RevelationAnderson, Roy Allan$9–$10
Selections from the PsalmsAndrew, Father$4
Studies in Luke -Bible Study TextbookApplebury, T R$15
The Ministry of Reconciliation - A Study of 2 CorinthiansArrington, French L$7
The Ministry of Reconciliation: 2 CorinthiansArrington, French L$6–$8
Directions for Disciples - LukeAsh, Tony$7
Leviticus -KnoxBailey, Lloyd R$6
1 Corinthians 2 CorinthiansBaird, William$6
Lessons on the Acts of the ApostlesBalleine, G R$9
The Gospel According to Saint Luke (Balmforth)Balmforth, H$6–$7
Always a Winner: 1 SamuelBarber, Cyril J$6
What Jesus Thinks About the Church: RevelationBarclay, Ian$5–$7
The Law Givers - Leviticus and DeuteronomyBarclay, R A$5
The God Who Keeps Promises - DeuteronomyBarker , Paul$8