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Title Author Price
Exodus - TyndaleCole, Alan$8
Thus Spake Qoheleth - a study guide based on an exposition of EcclesiastesGangel, Kenneth O$9
Interpreting the Book of RevelationMichaels, J Ramsey$9
Numbers - The JPS Torah CommentaryMilgrom, Jacob$40
The Acts of the Apostles - A Study in InterpretationBarker, C J$6
Matthew Mark Luke & You- Unraveling the GospelsO'Malley, William J$9
Romans - A Shorter CommentaryCranfield, C E B$9
Theology of the Old Testament - The Old Testament Library - 2 volume setEichrodt, Walther$20
Philippians and Philemon - a commentary - The New Testament LibraryCousar, Charles B$20
The Message of Jeremiah - BSTKidner, Derek$10
The Message of Genesis 12-50 -BSTBaldwin, Joyce G$9–$10
The Message of Chronicles - BSTWilcock, Michael$10
The Message of Daniel - BSTWallace, Ronald S$10
The Message of Amos - BSTMotyer, J A$10
The Message of Hosea - BSTKidner, Derek$10
The Message of Genesis 1-11 BSTAtkinson, David$12
The Message of Ecclesiastes - BSTKidner, Derek$12
The Message of Job - the Bible Speaks TodayAtkinson, David$12
The Message of Proverbs -BSTAtkinson, David$12
The Message of Psalms 73 - 150 - The Bible Speaks TodayWilcock, Michael$13
The Message of Psalms 1 - 72 - The Bible Speaks todayWilcock, Michael$13
Lets Look At Romans - A commentary, $7
The Christian in Complete Armour - Volume OneGurnall, William$7
Commentary on the Whole BibleHenry, Matthew$20
Jewish New Testament CommentaryStern, David$25
A Shepherd Remembers: Psalm 23Weatherhead, Leslie D$7
More Than Conquerors - an interpretation of the book of Revelation (Hendriksen)Hendriksen, William$9
Exposition of DanielLeupold, H C$16
Exposition of ZechariahLeupold, H C$12–$14
Exposition of EcclesiastesLeupold, H C$14
Exposition of IsaiahLeupold, H C$18
Exposition of Genesis - Vol #2Leupold, H C$15
Exposition of Genesis Volume 1Leupold, H C$15
Exposition of PsalmsLeupold, H C$25–$35
Conversations with Scripture - The Acts of the ApostlesRobertson, C K$10
Victorious Christian Service - Studies in the Book of NehemiahRedpath, Alan$5–$7
A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance: Ecclesiastes -BSTKidner, Derek$7
What Makes You So Special - EphesiansBaldwin, Stanley C$5
Fight the Good Fight - 1 TimothyFoulkes, Francis$4
A Guide to the ProphetsWinward, Stephen$8