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Title Author Price
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament - 10 VolumesKittel, Gerhard$100
Handfuls on Purpose - 13 volume setSmith, James$45
A Bible Commentary for English ReadersEllicott, Charles John$50
The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the BibleTenney, Merrill C and Richard N Longenecker$60–$75
The International Standard Bible EncyclopediaOrr, James$40–$55
Handfuls On Purpose - 5 Volume SetSmith, James$50
The Interpreters Bible - 12 Volume SetAbingdon, Press$100–$120
The Expositors Dictionary of TextsNicoll, W Robertson$40–$55
The Expositors BibleNicoll, W Robertson$30
The Interpreters Dictionary of the BibleAbingdon, Press$45–$95
The Broadman Bible Commentary - 12 Volume SetBroadman Press, $100