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Title Author Price
The Dark , $0
The Disillusioned ChristianAbraham, Ken$8
Meaning & Mode of BaptismAdams, Jay$4
Marriage Divorce & Remarriage in the BibleAdams, Jay E$6–$7
Ready to Restore - the laymans guide to Christian CounselingAdams, Jay E$6
The Big Umbrella - and other essays and addresses on Christian CounselingAdams, Jay E$6
The Meaning and Mode of BaptismAdams, Jay E$4–$5
Letting Go - caring for the dying and bereavedAinsworth-Smith & P Speck, I$8
Experiences of BereavementAlexander, Helen$6
Demon Possession Today and How to Be FreeAllen, A A$6
When You Lose A Loved OneAllen, Charles$6
Restoring Love - set free to live with passion and purposeAlsdorf, Debbie$9
Battered Into SubmissionAlsdurf, James and Phyllis$8
Resurrection Psychology - an understanding of human personality based on the life and teachings of JesusAlter, Margaret G$8
No Basis - What the studies dont tell us about same sex parentingAlthea Nagai, Robert Lerner &$7
Through the Counselling Maze - a guide for those who help othersAltman, Roger$5
When Child Abuse Comes to Church - Recognising Sexual Abuse, Knowing what to do about it and possibly preventing it from happeningAnderson, Bill$7
Morality Law and GraceAnderson, J N D$7
Set Free - Overcoming Emotional,Sexual,Mental and Spiritual CaptivityAnderson, Neil T$8
The Bondage Breaker - Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Irrational Feelings, Habitual Sins( Anderson)Anderson, Neil T$8
Victory over the Darkness (Anderson)Anderson, Neil T$5–$8
The Facts on HomosexualityAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
The Facts on Near Death ExperiencesAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
The Facts on Self Esteem Psychology and the Recovery MovementAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$4
The Myth of Safe Sex - CGAnkerberg and John Weldon, John$8
Listen to Me Satan - CGAnnacondia, Carlos$7–$8
Caregiving for Your Loved OnesArmstrong, Mary Vaughn$8–$9
Freedom from Sinful ThoughtsArnold, J Heinrich$9
I Tell You A Mystery - Life Death and EternityArnold, Johann Christoph$7
No Time to Say GoodbyeArnott, Paul$5–$7
Feeding Your Appetites - Taking control of whats controlling youArterburn, Stephen$8
Toxic Faith - Understanding and Overcoming Religious AddictionArterburn & J Felton, S$8
Returnings - A Christian View on Life After Death ExperiencesAurelio, John R$8
Stand up and Fight - overcoming spiritual attacksAustin, Barry$8
Touch - An ExplorationAutton, Norman$8
Worship and PoliticsAvila, Rafael$8
Growing Through the Narrow SpotsBachman, Ruth$8
Leviticus - Knox Preaching GuidesBailey, Lloyd R$6
Baptism and ConversionBaillie, John$5–$7
Beyond Rejection - The Church Homosexuality and Hope- CGBaker, Don$9