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Title Author Price
Join our HeartsAbbott, Stephen$7
Participation in God - a forgotten strand in Anglican traditionAllchin, A M$7
Bible Believers - Fundamentalists in the Modern WorldAmmerman, Nancy Tatom$6
Through Turmoil to PeaceAnderson, A W$30
A Faith to Live By (Andreasen)Andreasen, M L$6
Bons of Affection - Proceedings of Acc-6 Nigeria 1984Anglical Consultative Council, $9
The Truth Shall Make You Free - the Lambeth Conference 1988Anglican Consultative Council, $8
Protestants & Catholics - do They Agree ?Ankerberg and John Weldon, John$7
The Call of the Cloister- DAnson, Peter F$20
Martin Luther - Prophet to the Church CatholicAtkinson, James$8
A Confession of Faith - of seven congregations or Curches of Christ in London which are commonly but unjustly called anabaptistsBackus Book Publishers, $4
The Developments of Roman CatholocismBain, John A$8
The Banner of LoveBaird, Catherine$9–$10
Consecrated WomenBaker (editor), Jonathan$10
Liturgy in Ancient JerusalemBaldovin, John F$4
Our Daily CourseBanks, Edith$4
The Creed and its CredentialsBarkway, Lumsden$6
Banish the Night - Fighting Kur Timango and Other Devils in New GuineaBarnard, Leonard$8
With Booth in London - A London GuideBarnes, Cyril$6
Words of William BoothBarnes, Cyril$8
Under a Mango Tree - the Story of Frank DareBarnes, Cyril J$6
The Southern Baptist Holy War (Barnhart)Barnhart, Joe Edward$10
They Gave Their Lives - The stories of 12 Salvationists who died for their faithBateman, Alan$7
The Church and MankindBea, Augustin Cardinal$16
Round The Church in 50 Years - an intimate journeyBeeson, Trevor$9
The Bishops.Beeson, Trevor$9
Life of william Booth - the Founder of the Salvation Army - 2 volume setBegbie, Harold$20
The Liturgical Movement and Methodism (Billington)Billington, Raymond J$7
Methodist Worship - in relation to Free Church WorshipBishop, John$7
Holy Defiance - the Story of Johann BusingBleick, Hildegard$7
The Future of Evangelical Christianity - A Call for Unity Amid DiversityBloesch, Donald G$6
The Long Road to UnityBoegner, Marc$8
The Doctrine of Reprobation in the Christian Reformed ChurchBoer, Harry R$5
Christian and Reformed TodayBolt, John$6
Winning With God - Ephesians 6:10-18Bond, C Lester$8
Play the Music PlayBoon, Brindley$7
Toward a Better WorldBooth, Evangeline$8
In Darkest England and the Way OutBooth, General$8
Consul Booth TuckerBooth, Tucker Commissioner$10
Out of the City Across the Sands retracing Abrahams stepsBork, Paul F$7