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Title Author Price
Campaigning in CaptivityWiggins, Arch$15
Father of Salvation Army Music Richard SlaterWiggins, Arch$5–$7
T H K - Theodore Hopkins Kitching, A BiographyWiggins, Arch$9
T H K Theodore Hopkins KitchingWiggins, Arch$9
Triumph of Faith - Geoerge Marshall OFWiggins, Arch$7
Booth Tucker William Booths First GentlemanWilliams, Harry$15
I Couldnt Call My Life My Own - The Story of a Salvation Army Officers world-wide medical missionary ministryWilliams, Harry$15
Miracle of Medicine HillWilliams, Harry$7
Missing - the inside story of the Salvation Armys Missing Persons DepartmentWilliams, Richard$8
Reformed is Not Enough - recovering the objectivity ot the CovenantWilson, Douglas$10
Growing Together - working for Unity LocallyWinfield, Flora$7
A Burning in My BonesWiseman, Clarence D$9
The Healing Christ Personal and BiblicalWomble, Rufus J$6
Why Some People are Not HealedWomble, Rufus J$6
Whosoever Will Quicunque VultWood, Edward$9
Brother of the Red Hand - The Story of Darkie HuttonWoods, Reginald$9
Harvest of the Years - An anthology of Salvation Army Year BookWoods, Reginald$6–$7
Challenge to Change - a radical agenda for BaptistsWright, Nigel$9
New Baptists New AgendaWright, Nigel G$8
One Gospel Many Clothes - Anglicans and the Decade of EvangelismWright and Chris Sugden, Chris$7–$8
The Believers HeritageWyatt, Evelyn$4
The Pageantry of the Methodist UnionWycherley, R Newman$25
Living Springs - New Religious Movements in Western Europe- DWyon, Olive$7
Through Blood and Fire - The Life of General William Booth - DYaxley, Trevor$9
Battle Orders - Salvation Army SoldiershipYuill, Chick$5
This Means WarYuill, Chick$8