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Title Author Price
Symphony of Thanksgiving - The life and music of Commissioner Sir Dean GoffinBradwell, Cyril R$11
Catherine BoothBramwell-Booth, Catherine$6
Catherine Bramwell-Booth LettersBramwell-Booth, Catherine$7
Fighting for the KingBramwell-Booth, Catherine$7
The Soul Winners SecretBrengle, Colonel S L$7
Helps to HolinessBrengle, Commissioner S L$6
Wesleyan Transformations - DBrewer & M C Jackson, E D C$5
The Sense of Ecumenical TraditionBria, Ion$8
The Religious Philosophy of Quakerism - The beliefs of Fox, Barclay and Penn as based on the Gospel of JohnBrinton, Howard H$12
Methodism at the CrossroadsBrooks, Norman E$8
The Gate and the LightBrown, Arnold$9–$11
Good News - For Troubled TimesBrunt, John C$6
Good News for Troubled TimesBrunt, John C$5
The Perfect PrayerBunch, Taylor G$8
The Belief of ChristendomBurnaby, John$10
Heart Cry - A Courageous young womans struggle for life against staggering odds, A True story of open-heart surgery, sudden stroke & rehabilitaion of modern hospitals and skilled physiciansBurrows, Dorothea & Spencer$7
Modern Twice-BornBurrows, William$6
Power - Use and Abuse - Windows of Opportunity #4Cairns, Jan$5
A Shy Singaporean God Used - Lim Ah-AngCairns, William$6
Morning and Evening Personal Conversational Prayers for the SalvationistCairns, William$6
Great Warrior for God - Ensign Matthew CrossCampbell, Crystal$8
The Seven Secrets of Somewhere Lake - animal ways that inspire and amazeCampbell, Sam$7
Evangelicals TomorrowCapon, John$6
The Feasts of the Lord - The project solving all human problemsCarelli, Fiorentina$8
Kate Lee - The Angel AdjutantCarpenter, Minnie Lindsay$6–$7
William BoothCarpenter, Minnie Lindsay$5–$7
Miriam Booth - A SketchCarpenter, Mrs Lieut-Colonel$8
The Hand of God - Stories of People and PlacesCarr, Irene$4
The Touch of God (Carr)Carr, Irene$4
Song of the TrailCason, Mabel Earp$8
Whats What A Complete Guide to the Church of EnglandChancellor, F B$7
Peace Like a RiverChesham, Sallie$9
Knight of the Burning Heart - The Story of John WesleyChurch, Leslie F$5
More About the Early Methodist People- DChurch, Leslie F$9
Patterns for WorshipChurch House Publishing, $8
Stranger in the Wings - local Non-Stipendiary MinistyChurch House Publishing, $6
The Promise of His Glory - Services and Prayers for the Season from All Saints to CandlemasChurch House Publishing, $9
The Orthodox Church - simple Guides ReligionClark , Katherine$9
Samuel Logan Brengle - Teacher of HolinessClark, William$7
Memoirs of the Wesley FamilyClarke, Adam$10–$12