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Title Author Price
The Master of love - book 3 - He lived for youWhite, E G$6
The Great Controversy - Past Present futureWhite, E G$7
The Holy Spirit and Power ( Wesley )Wesley, John$7
The Day That Changed the WorldPaulien, Jon$5
Faith Under Fire ( Muir )Muir, Wellesley$6
Christian and Reformed TodayBolt, John$6
Thirty Nine ArticlesKnox, David Broughton$5
The Staff Review February 1930The Salvation Army, $10
The Staff Review # 12 October 1924The Salvation Army, $10
The Staff Review # 6 April 1923The Salvaion Army, $10
The Staff Review # 4 October 1922The Salvaion Army, $10
Sagas of SalvationismHarris, William G$9
They Gave Their Lives - The stories of 12 Salvationists who died for their faithBateman, Alan$7
A Very Private General - A biography of General Frederick CouttsThomlinson, Ronald$8
Compassionate ZealEvenden, Catherine E$7
With Booth in London - A London GuideBarnes, Cyril$6
In The Masters Hands - Each Life SacramentalStreet, Robert$7
Journey of Renewal - The Accountability Movement of the Salvation ArmyThe Salvation Army, $7
Here is My Hand - The Story of Lieut Colonel Alida Bosshardt of the Red Light area AmsterdamDuncan, Denis$5
The Great Controversy between Christ and Satan during the Christian DispensationWhite, E G$7
The Bishops.Beeson, Trevor$9
Round The Church in 50 Years - an intimate journeyBeeson, Trevor$9
Christ and Culture - communion After Lambeth - Canterbury Studies in AnglicanismPercy & Others, Martyn$8
A Girl With a Mind of Her Own - The story of Gisele GowansLe Feuvre, Cathy$9
Jesus Only - Word Pictures of JesusGarne, Geoffrey E$7–$9
PCA Digest Position Papers 1973 - 1993 - Part 5Presbyterian Church USA, $9
Living the Life of the Lifegiver - Making simple the parables and teaching of JesusWhite, E G$6–$7
The Feasts of the Lord - The project solving all human problemsCarelli, Fiorentina$8
Catherine Bramwell-Booth LettersBramwell-Booth, Catherine$7
Being Faithful - the shape of historic Anglicanism todayThe Latimer Trust, $7–$8
He Taught Love - Jesus Lessons for LivingWhite, E G$4–$6
The Life of Victory (MacGuire)MacGuire, Meade$6
The Baptist - An Historical and theological Study of the Baptist IdentityHoad, Jack$10
Just Imagine The World for GodThe Salvation Army, $7–$9
Stewards of God (Higgins)Higgins, General E J$6
Holiness UnwrappedStreet, Robert$7
The Salvation Soldiers GuideSalvation Army, $5
Life of william Booth - the Founder of the Salvation Army - 2 volume setBegbie, Harold$20
The Radical Wesley & Patterns for Church Renewal- DSnyder, Howard A$7
Participation in God - a forgotten strand in Anglican traditionAllchin, A M$7