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Title Author Price
The Compassion of God & The Passion of ChristAbbott, Eric$6
This Morning With God Vol 1Adeney, Carol$4
This Morning With God Vol IIAdeney, Carol$5
The Morning Star - 92 Conversational DevtionsAdler, Denise Rinker$4
Meditations For Every DayAndrew, Father$6
Journal to lift your day and transform your lifeAndrew, Moira$9
Forty Days of Daring - lay people living Gods PromisesAnglican Diocese of Perth, $5
Gentle PlantingsArnTessoni, Arnell$8
A New EarthAtkins, Margaret$5
Daily Words - Claiming a Promise for Every Day of the Year Backhouse, Robert$6
Thy Secret TellBackus, Grace$5
A Diary of ReadingsBaillie, John$7–$8
Book Lovers Devotional - what we learn about life from sixty great works of literatureBarbour Publishing, $7
Sunny Side Up (Barkman)Barkman, Alma$4
Sunny-Side UpBarkman, Alma$4
15 Minutes Alone With God (Barnes)Barnes, Bob$8
Minute Meditations for MenBarnes, Bob$8
Midlife Awakenings - discovering the gifts life has given usBartocci, Barbara$6
Awake My Heart - Psalms for LifeBassett, Frederick W$7
The Everyday BookBatchelor, Mary$7
52 Weeks of Conscious ContactBeattie, Melody$9
The One Year Men of the Bible - 365 MeditationsBell, James Stuart$9
Before the Throne - A Manual of Private Devotion - DEBellars, William$8
To Carol With Love - Daily ReadingsBewes, Cecil$6
The Essential Bible Truth Treasury & JournalBewes, Richard$8
When God Surprises - Bible MeditationsBewes, Richard$6–$7
Ornaments of Christmas JoyBirkhead, Mary Grace$6
How Great is Our God - Timeless Daily Readings on the Nature of GodBlackaby & Others, Henry$9
Day Trips to Eternity - Daiky ReadingsBlue, Lionel$5
Face to Face Volume One - Praying the Scriptures for Intimate WorshipBoa, Kenneth$7
For a Closer Walk - the Methodist Hymn book used for responsive services and private devotionsBodgener, J Henry$8
A Manual for the Three Hours - a Companion for Conductors of the DevotionBosworth, George M$5
Following the Star - daily reflections for Advent and ChristmasBoyer, Mark G$6
Sweet PersecutionBrackin, Ron$6
Bible Readings for the RetiredBrandt, Leslie F$5
Meditations on a Loving GodBrandt, Leslie F$8–$9
A Story is Told - from Our Daily BreadBranon, Dave$7
The Daily ReadingBriggs, G W$5
The One Year Book of Devotions for MenBriscoe, Stuart$7
Devotionals in the EpistlesBrooks, Keith L$5