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Title Author Price
Time Alone with GodHufty, Tom$8
31 Days Toward Intimacy with GodTada, Joni Eareckson$8
Arise - Devotionals by and for Women of amazing FaithRobison, James & Betty$8
Come Ye ApartMiller, J R$6–$7
A Day at a TimeKing, Guy H$6–$7
Good Morning God - Readings for family worship and school assembliesSjolander, Pearl$6
His Passion- Devotions for every day of the yearIntegrity Publishers, $8
Day by Day - Volume 1 Bible Readings and PrayersThe Bible Reading Fellowship, $9
Trusting in the Names of God - Drawing Strength from Knowing Who He IsMartin, Catherine$8
The Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful LordHurlburt and Horton, $7
Every Day With Jesus - One Year Devotional - Water for the SoulHughes, Selwyn$6
Jesus Calling - Enjoying Peace in His PresenceYoung, Sarah$9
Living Light - Daily light in todays Language from the Living BibleDraper, Edythe$6–$8
Daily Strengths for Daily Needs - an inspiring collection of spiritual passages one for every day of the yearTileson, Mary W$8
Daily Readings from J C Ryle - Volume 1 Matthew Mark LukeRyle, J C$8
With Christ in the WildernessWorlock, Derek$7
Lord Dont You Love Me anymore ?Calkin, Ruth Harms$5
Rediscovering The Kingdom - Daily Devotional JournalMunroe, Myles$5
Steady On - Secured By Love - DevotionalPoint of Grace, $8
Daily Light on the Daily Path - NIVZondervan, $8
Two Minutes With GodBrandt, Leslie F$6
The Light of Glory - Readings from John Donne for Lent and Easter WeekWebber , Christopher L$6
Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul 2Canfield & Others, Jack$7
Chicken Soup for the Girls SoulCanfield & Others, Jack$7
With Open HeartQuoist, Michel$7
Weep Not for Me - meditations on the Cross and the ResurrectionTaylor, John V$5–$6
From Darkness to Light (Gollancz)Gollancz, Victor$8
A Story is Told - from Our Daily BreadBranon, Dave$6–$7
New Every Morning - A Daily DevotionalKennedy, D James$8
Opened Treasures - 366 Choice meditations by 'sweet singer' of EnglandHavergal, Frances Ridley$8
Morning by Morning - Daily Meditations from the Writings of Mava J DawnDawn, Marva$7–$9
Daily Discipleship - a DevotionalEims, Leroy$8
The Basic Bible - 160 Key Readings with notesRogers, John$7
Gods Vitamin C for the Spirit - over 100 stories to encourage your heart and inspire your faithMiller, Kathy Collard and D Larry Miller$7–$9
Daily Guideposts 2008 - a spirit lifting DevotionalGuideposts, $8
Inner Light - A Devotional Anthology - First seriesVarious Authors, $6
A Second Chicken Soul for the Womans SoulCanfield & Others, Jack$7
Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul - Heartwarming stories for people 60 and overCanfield & Others, Jack$8
Twelve Baskets Full - Daily ReadingsCatherwood - Editor, Elizabeth$7
30 Days to Experiencing Spiritual BreakthroughsWilkinson, Bruce$8