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Title Author Price
The Logic of Evangelism - A Significant Contribution to the theory and Practice of EvangelismAbraham, William$8
Gentle Persuasion - Creative ways to introduce your friends to ChristAldrich, Joseph$7
Life-Style EvangelismAldrich, Joseph$6
Going Public with the Gospel - reviving evangelistic proclamationAllison & M Anderson, L$9
The Mission of an Evangelist - EVAmsterdam 2000 - A Conference of Preaching Evangelists, $7–$8
New Christians Handbook (Anders)Anders, Max$10
The Church in 12 LessonsAnders, Max$8
Gospel Dialogues No. 1Anderson, A$4
A Cowards Guide to WitnessingAnderson, Ken$6
Rivers of Revival (Anderson & Towns)Anderson & E L Towns, N T$7–$8
The Fifth GospelArmstrong, Dan$20
The Masters Plan for Making DisciplesArn, Win and Charles$5–$7
Torches Together - the story of the Bruderhof CommunitiesArnold, Emmy$9
Body and Cell - making the transition to cell churchAstin, Howard$8
RevivalAvant, John$9
Revival - the Story of the Current Awakening in Brownwood Ft Worth Wheaton & BeyondAvant & McDow & Reid (editors), $6–$9
What Christians Believe ( Balchin )Balchin, John F$7
Open Doors Open MindsBaldwin, Derek$7
The Church Comes Home - a new base for community and missionBanks, Robert & Julia$7–$8
The Home Church - Regrouping the People of God for Community and MissionBanks, Robert & Julia$8–$9
Going to Church in the First CenturyBanks, Robert J$3–$5
Finding a Church You Can Call HomeBarna, George$7
The Church that Never SleepsBarnett, Matthew$10
Another Wave of RevivalBartleman, Frank$6
Another Wave Rolls In- EVBartleman, Frank$4
Evangelism for the Rest of UsBechtle, Mike$7–$9
Commitment to Conquer- EVBeckett, Bob$7
In Search of RevivalBell, Stuart$8
City Impact - How ti unify empower and mobilize Gods people to transform their communitiesBernard, Daniel$7
Gods Soul Desire - Capturing Gods heart to reach the world he lovesBernard, Daniel$7
Americas Great RevivalsBethany Fellowship, $4
Beginning the Christian lifeBewes, Richard$7
Leading a Person to Christ - the non confronters guideBleecker, Walter S$7
The Non Confronters Guide to Leading a Person to ChristBleecker, Walter S$7
The Non-Confronters Guide to Leading a Person to ChristBleecker, Walter S$6
Joy to the World (Blessitt)Blessitt, Arthur$6
Radical DiscipleshipBly, Stephen A$6
Ecclesiogenesis - The Base communities Reinvent the churchBoff, Leonardo$7
Evangelism By Fire - Igniting Your Passion for the LostBonnke, Reinhard$7
Stop Witnessing and Start LovingBorthwick, Paul$7