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Title Author Price
Prepare for RevivalWarner, Rob$8
You Can Make DisciplesWarr, Gene$6
I Believe in the Great CommissionWarren, Max$6–$7
In the Crucible - the testing and growth of a local churchWarren, Robert$6
On The AnvilWarren, Robert$9
Signs Of Life - How Goes the Decade of EvangelismWarren, Robert$6
Sharing Your Faith Made EasyWater, Mark$4
A Different Kind of Church - Mayflower Family CentreWatherston, Peter$8
Discipleship (Watson)Watson, David$6
I Believe in EvangelismWatson, David$6
I Believe in the Church - Study GuideWatson, David$3
How to Have a RevivalWells & J R Rice, R J$10
A Taste of RevivalWhite, Ben$7
Community of Faith - EVWhitehead, Evelyn Eaton and James D$8
Reach - a team approach to Evangelism and AssimilationWilkins, Scott G$8
The Experience Meeting - An introduction to the Welsh Societies of the Evangelical AwakeningWilliams, William$6
Riding the Third Wave- EVWimber, John$7
Spiritual AwakeningWirt, Sherwood Eliot$9
And With Fire - messages on revivalWood, A Skevington, Homer A Kent Jr, Curtis Vaughan, Robert L Thomas, Ralph Earle, Edmond Hiebert and Arthur A Rupprecht$7
The Simon Peter FileWood, Derek$6
The Church Down Our Street - a guide to everyday evangelismWooderson, Michael$7
Tell The World - Apostolic patterns for evangelism and missionsWright, Eric$5
The Radical KingdomWright, Nigel$7–$8
Unfinished Evangelism - More Than getting Them in the DoorWright, Tim$7
The Joyful CommunityZablocki, Benjamin$8