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Title Author Price
Cringe Free EvangelismBoursier, Helen T$7
first Words to New ChristiansBoyd, Robert$4
Listen to the LordBramwell, Jo$4
Listen to the Lord - a Bible Course for new disciplesBramwell, Jo$5
Come Help Change the WorldBright, Bill$7
The Coming RevivalBright, Bill$8
The Journey of a disciple - The Christians pilgrimage from decision to discipleshipBriscoe, Jill and Stuart$6
Everyday Discipleship for Ordinary PeopleBriscoe, Stuart$6
Every Nation in Our Generation - Recovering the Apostolic MandateBroocks, Rice$10
Streets Ahead: Building Communities of Hope in the Suburbs of Our CitiesBrowning, Ron$6–$8
The Hope at HandBryant, David$9
Building People Through a Caring Sharing FellowshipBubna, Donald L$6
Discipleship Pro and Con- EVBuess, Bob$6
River Rising - A Mighty outpouring is comingBurton , Randall E$7
Sold Out (Calver)Calver, Clive$5
How to Get All Your Family SavedCameron, Philip$7
Together Locally - A handbook for local churches seeking to work togetherCarpenter, Jenny$6
Gods River in SpateCarson, John T$8
Gods River in Spate - the story of the religious awakening of Ulster in 1859Carson, John T$9
The Ladder of SuccessCastellanos, Cesar$7
Inside the Soul of a New GenerationCelek, Tim$7
True Evangelism - Winning Souls Through PrayerChafer, Lewis Sperry$6
The Church in the HouseChambers, Eric$8
Know & Tell the GospelChapman, John C$6
Know and Tell the GospelChapman, John C$7
To Seek and to SaveChappell, Paul$7–$9
Watch of the Lord - The Secret Weapon of the Last Day Church (Ev)Chavda, Mahesh & Bonnie$9
Share the Fire - The Toronto Blessing and Grace Based EvangelismChevreau, Guy$7
The Bible in World EvangelismChirgwin, A M$6
This is That (CLC)Christian Literature Crusade, $5
Basic Communities - Towards an Alternative SocietyClark, David$8
Know God - A basic introduction to the Christian faithCleave, Derek$4
Divided We StandCoates, Gerald$7
Life in the Living Word - Bible lessons for Growing ChristiansColeman, Robert$5
One Divine Moment - The Asbury RevivalColeman, Robert E$6
Its Harvest Time - the Principles and Practicals of Evangelism - EVCollis, Tony$7
Soul-Winning EvangelismConant, J E$7
Evangelism - Doing Justice and Preaching GraceConn, Harvie M$6
Calling for ChristCook, Luther T$6
The Flame Still SpreadsCoomes, David$6