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Meat for Men - Revival Sermons EVRavenhill, Leonard$4
Evangelism By Fire - Igniting Your Passion for the LostBonnke, Reinhard$7
From Holy Laughter to Holy FireBrown, Michael L$7
A Handbook for Followers of JesusPratney, Winkie$7
That None Should PerishSilvoso, Ed$7
Everyday Conversations Eternal ImpactPulley, Lloyd$6
Out of the Saltshaker and into the World - Evangelism as a way of lifePippert, Rebecca Manley$5
Prescription for Todays DiscipleRoundhill, Kenneth S$6
How to Grow - First Steps for New ChristiansTaylor, Kenneth N$5
Accidental Missionary - The unexpected Adventure of making disciplesMurrell, Steve$8
The Ladder of SuccessCastellanos, Cesar$7
His Last Command - Our First PriorityHanes, Jack$8
Sharing Good News - The gospel and your Asian neighboursSookhdeo, Patrick$7
The Next Step for Growing ChristiansChick, Jack T$6
Essentials of DiscipleshipCosgrove, Francis M$6–$7
The Pursuit of RevivalHill, Stephen$7
Houses That Change the World - The Return of the House ChurchesSimson, Wolfgang$8
Fire on the HorizonPratney, Winkie$8
How To Explain Your FaithPritchard, John$5
Communities - The stories and spirituality of 12 european communitiesHinton, Jeanne$9
Gentle Persuasion - Creative ways to introduce your friends to ChristAldrich, Joseph$7
You Can Witness With ConfidenceRinker, Rosalind$5
Signs of Revival - Detailed historical research throws light on todays move of Gods spiritDixon, Patrick$8
Doorways to DiscipleshipPratney, Winkie$5
Living Proof - Sharing the Gospel NaturallyPetersen, Jim$7
The Masters Way of Personal EvangelismColeman, Robert E$7
Evangelism - Doing Justice and Preaching GraceConn, Harvie M$6
Hospitality EvangelismRichards, Kel and Barbara$6
Todays Evangelism - Its message and methodsReisinger, Ernest C$5
Attention - Salvation ExposedJeffery, Peter$6
Seasons of RevivalDamazio, Frank$6–$7
Tell The World - Apostolic patterns for evangelism and missionsWright, Eric$5
Revival - A People Saturated With GodEdwards, Brian H$9
Following Jesus - Attaining the High Purposes of DiscipleshipTooley, Ross$6–$7
The Experience Meeting - An introduction to the Welsh Societies of the Evangelical AwakeningWilliams, William$6
The Great Invitation - The Invitation system in evangelismHulse, Erroll$7
God Sent Revival - The Story of Asahel Nettleton and the Second Great AwakeningThornbury, J F$9
The Lost Art of Disciple MakingEims, Leroy$6
Lifestyle DiscipleshipPetersen, Jim$7
With Purpose and Passion - Short Stories and authentic accounts of people who liveThe Navigators , Singapore, $5